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Art by Po-Zu

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When Eru was a child, he was abandoned in the streets by an overworked and underpaid mother. Eru wandered around completely lost until a kind police officer walked him to a police station. He was forced to live in an orphanage, Feather Blessed Orphanage, when he revealed that his mother had abandoned him and was discovered murdered shortly after.

He grew up accompanied by great minds. Many of the orphans that lived with him were geniuses, prodigies, and overall scholars. The many successes of the people around him drove him to get his own unique talent. He eventually found it in the art of solving mysteries. He then spent many years growing in Feather Blessed, solving uncracked mysteries and revealing culprits to small crimes. He then met the unfortunate line that every prodigy meets. The line where your talent became too easy for you.

Eru contemplated creating crimes himself, but then realized he would know who was the culprit from the start. He then heard of Akademi's reputation for unsolved mysteries, and instantly decided to attend. Ever since the day he transferred, he has been solving Akademi's mysteries one by one.


He wears uniform 5, but in his spare time he wears a white, long sleeved shirt and blue pants. Along with that, he rolls the sleeves up to his elbows, and wears a pair of brown ankle boots. He also wears black reading glasses.

Eru has ridiculously messy hair. It is black in color, and his bangs just barely brush his eyes. His skin is paler than most, and has a sickly pallor to it. He has bags under his eyes.






  • Eru was an adopted OC.
  • Eru was clearly a rip off of L Ryuzaki before he was adopted.
  • Eru has a habit of staying up late, which he hates, because he really likes to sleep.

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