Emma Blackbourne
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation +2
Club Martial Arts
Age 18
Persona Unknown
Crush None
Additional Info None

Emma Blackbourne is an OC made by Skrillsisdroppin, this is my second OC.


Emma has long hair that reaches the middle of her back, blue eyes, and fair skin, she wears the school uniform when going to school.


She is not like her father, who he wants her to be. She is not noble, Emma is loud, messy, and sometimes rude. She is generous though, if you make it through the stink of her first impressions, she can be kind, and she actively helps in any situation possible.


Emma, born Hajikeru Utakata, was born in a faraway town called Faza Town. She was raised at home, with her parents not letting her go to any school. Hajikeru had little friends, and she wanted to go to school. She pleaded her father, and he said no. Hajikeru wrote essays on how going to school would benefit for her, but her father said no. Her mother couldn't have a word in this. The last straw was when her father slapped her mother for telling him that real school can work out and she needs friends so that she can mingle with boys. As soon as the palm hit her face, Hajikeru bolted in the room, and fought her father. There was no way that her father could hit someone as precious as her mother. Then, all of a sudden, she stopped, he was crying, and she couldn't beat a man that was down, but he got back up, and grabbed a knife, and approached her mother, she retaliated by wrestling the knife from her father, and, not like any noble person would do, killed him. There was no way that he could make it out alive, if he was planning to kill her mother. It was let her mother be killed, or kill her father. This showed her mother that her daughter can do anything, even kill her relatives, to protect those nearest and dearest to her heart. Of course, her mother knew that she couldn't stay here any longer, so she made the death a mystery. She burned the clothes that Hajikeru wore, she washed the blood and DNA off of the knife, so no evidence could be pinned against them, and they left, to a far away place called Buraza Town, and finally they changed their identities to Emma and Jade Blackbourne. At Buraza Town, they fit in easily, and loved the place. Emma finally got her wish the year after she moved in, and went to Akademi High School. During summer break, Emma got into Mixed Martial Arts and Professional Wrestling, and after going to school, she joined the Martial Arts Club.


  • 8:20 - 8:29 AM - She goes to school and gets ready, she goes to the Martial Arts club to observe, and goes to Class 3-2
  • 8:30 AM - 12:59 PM - In her class
  • 1:00 - 1:29 PM - Goes to Martial Arts club to observe
  • 1:30 - 3:29 - In class
  • 3:30 - 3:50 - Goes to Martial Arts Club to spar, and heads home.


  • Her name, appearance, and love for Wrestling is a reference to the WWE Diva Emma.
    • Her original name is also a reference to Emma because when she enters, she looks like she's popping bubbles, Hajikeru Utakata roughly translates to "popping bubbles"
  • Her father's original name is Buyo Utakata (buyo means dance), while Jade's original name is Utahime (utahime means Diva).
  • She is my first straight character
  • She is my second female character
  • If you lose your struggle against Emma, she will siege your weapon and stab you with it.
  • She is my 1st character to be in the Martial Arts Club

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