Emi Gina
Student Info
Career None.
Reputation Okay.
Club UnderTale
Age 18
Persona Coward
Crush Oka Ruto
Additional Info She stalks Oka.


Emi has long blue hair, with her bangs covering her left eye. She looks dead inside, like Yandere-Chan. She wears a small black top hat. She wears a black jacket with a white stripe. Underneath, she wears a white t-shirt. She wears a grey belt buckle and wears red shorts. She also wears dark and light brown stockings. She wears blue and green converse.


She is a coward. She will not tell anyone if you killed someone and she is a witness.


She is 18.


Her crush is Oka Ruto. She would do anything for Oka. She majorly stalks Oka alot. Oka acts like sempai around Emi. Emi can't get near Oka or Oka will freak out. Emi has the same class as Oka, which +1 her stalking.


Her reputation is okay. The reason why it might be low is because some people have caught her stalking Oka.

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