Emi Fukui is CrystaltheCool's second OC, however technically Trivia-chan created her concept. She is now owned by Porcy.

Emi Fukui

福井 恵美


Fukui Emi


Fukui-san Emi-chan




Female Female


She She




160 cm(5'3)


56 kg (123 lbs)


October 15

Astrological Sign

Libra Libra

Blood Type





Homosexual Homosexual

Personal Status

No Club

Educated in

Akademi High School


Student, miko




Mayu Matsuura

Previous Crush(es)

Yuki Suishou

Lives in

Buraza Town

Personal Status



Satoru Fukui (Father), Aoi Fukui (Mother)

Additional Info
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Emi is a very attractive young girl, with large eyes, a small, upturned nose, and thin, dainty lips. She is anemic which affects her skin tone, making her look quite pale, but with a light ruddy blush on her cheeks.

Her eyes are a ruby red, with long eyelashes (often enhanced by makeup, especially smudged eyeliner).

Her jet-black hair is arguably Emi's best feature. It reaches down to her waist, often held up in low twintails. Her thick, sideswept bangs often obscure her view, so Emi has to brush them out of her eyes constantly. It is truly around neck-length, but she uses extensions.

As for her body, Emi has a rather delicate but boyish figure, with narrow shoulders and hips. She has an ectomorph body type.


Emi Fukui was in her third year at Akademi Junior High School. She was a calm yet fairly cheerful girl with high grades, and a flair for drama. She had a small but stable group of friends, and was particularly close to Mayu Matsuura. Notably, Emi always appeared to be very sickly, constantly wheezing and coughing.

Her health problems continued to get worse. Eventually, Emi began sitting out during gym, since any remotely strenuous physical activity might impair her breathing. One fateful day, while in class, she collapsed on the ground, unable to move nor breathe at all. Emi quickly got help, being in the an area with a couple dozen other people.

She was whisked away to Buraza Clinic, where Emi was diagnosed with lung cancer. Multiple tumors were found in her lungs and throat. She had to be hospitalized in order to undergo physical therapy and other treatment.

Emi grew depressed. The hospital's food that she lived on tasted terrible, she could do nothing but rest most of the time, and she was in constant pain. She spent most of her days and sleepless nights brooding.

The only thing truly keeping her going was the fact that Mayu Matsuura, her best friend, visited her almost daily to bring schoolwork, gifts and to keep her company. One day she gave Emi a heart-shaped locket as a promise that they would always be friends, and Emi realized that she was in love with Mayu.

After around five months she was in good enough condition to be released, but did not attend school. She recovered quickly and began to attend Akademi High School the next year.


Emi is rather aloof, quiet and stoic, making her somewhat of a Kuudere. In truth, she puts up a cold front to protect herself from being hurt emotionally.

In Game


  • 7:00-8:00 - Emi arrives at school, changes her shoes, and patrols the school, occasionally loitering around various clubrooms.
  • 8:00-8:30 - Emi goes to class, and fiddles around on her phone for the next half hour.
  • 8:30-1:00 - She is in class.
  • 1:00-1:30 - Emi sits near Kuu Dere and Kyoko Mikami, and eats lunch.
  • 1:30-3:30 - She is in class.
  • 3:30-4:00 - Emi patrols more, and does some light cleaning.
  • 4:00 - Emi leaves school grounds.

Witnessing Murder

Emi has the Anti-Hero persona. When witnessing a murder, she will scream "Why?!" and if the player fabricates a story about them doing something horrific, then Emi will run out of the school, but you will be forgiven and police will not be notified.




Emi's stats. The template made by CrystaltheCool.

Social Stats

  • Murders Witnessed/Enacted: 0 Witnessed, 0 Enacted
    • Rivals Eliminated: 0
      • Fatal Methods: 0
      • Indirect Methods: 0
      • Pacifist Methods: 0

Overall Social Skills: 5 out of 10

School Stats

  • Biology: 3
  • Chemistry: 4
  • Language: 1
  • Physical Education: 0
    • Strength: 2 (5 when headkicking)
  • Psychology: 1

Overall Knowledge: 7 out of 10

Dere Stats

  • Yandere Level: 4
  • Tsundere Level: 4
  • Kuudere Level: 10
  • Dandere Level: 6
  • Deredere Level: 0

RPG Stats

Other Stats

  • Cooking Skill: 2
  • Acting Skill: 6
  • Knowledge of the Occult: 4
  • Badassery: 6
  • Swimming Skills: 4
  • Lewdness: 0
  • Healing Skill: 3
  • Kawaii Factor: 5
  • Sue Level: 6
  • Edgyness: 9


  • Her faceclaim is mainly Kurumi Tokisaki from Date A Live. Her design was modeled after Kurumi.
  • Emi is a miko and she lives in the Fukui Shrine, which her father owns.
  • She is rather weak. However, when kicking someone in the head, she suddenly gains superhuman strength.
  • When CrystaltheCool left the wiki, Emi, along with Yuki Suishou, were given over to Demonic BB. Later on, CrystaltheCool came back and she shared Yuki and Emi with Demonic BB. However, in 2017, Crystal gave Emi over completely to Porcy.