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Edna Fujisaki





Female Female


She She




164 cm (5' 4.5")


54kg (120Ib)


June 9th

Astrological Sign

Gemini Gemini

Blood Type





Bisexual Bisexual

Personal Status



Computer/Library Assistance

Educated in

Akademi High School






Saki Miyu

Personal Status

Emily Burrell (Real Mother) , Dexter O'donovan( Real Father), Tamiko Fujisaki (Foster Mother), Kazuo Fujisaki (Foster Father), Edgar Smith ( Twin Brother)

Additional Info
Edna is a closet pervert and sometimes catches herself fantasises about Saki naked.


Edna is a snobby unpopular student, she doesn't care about friends or anything other than her studies, she plans on moving out of japan and go back to america so she works hard everyday to try and become the best in everything she does, however she always ends up getting lower then she wanted and throw a fit saying how any student above her "cheated" and didn't work as hard as she did.

When she isn't studying or writing stories Enda is an Otaku, she barely leaves her home and once she is done with her homework she hops on her computer or gaming station and plays videos or watches anime. She is not as public about this, in fact she tries hiding that fact she is an Otaku, however she isn't that good at hiding it as when she is at school and on the computer sometimes students can catch her watching anime.


Enda has orange hair pulled up in a pony tail along with blue eyes and freckles that cover most of her face. She wears red glasses, which was a gift from her real father as he also wears red glasses, the standard school uniform and always has a book at her side. 


Enda is anything but nice, she talks bad about almost every single student in the school with what little friends she has, she believes she is this better than everyone else because of her intelligence, however she is very clumsy and trips on her own two feet making getting a panty shot from her very easy.

She is a closet pervert, as much as she hates and makes fun of the girls at the school she sometimes fantasized about them in their underwear and sometimes sneaks over to the boys locker room and peeps on them, although she will always denied the thoughts.


Enda was born in america by two parents who were not ready at the time to raise a child, her and her brother Edgar were given away to two different families, Enda was adopted by a japanese couple that was currently living in america at the time and have learned they were unable to have kids. Edna lived in america for 4 years of her life before her foster parents decided to move back to japan and bring Enda with her where she was looked as an outsider and almost something other worldly for her ginger hair and many freckles. Because of this Enda grew up very unpopular and made her become cold hearted and mean spirited towards people.



Saki Miyu- Saki is the only girl that Enda does NOT hate whatsoever, the reason is because Saki actually defended Enda when she was getting bullied in Akademi High. She even told Enda she liked her hair and it was like love at first site as she now fantasies about Saiki now calling her a princesses and an "example of a perfect human being " Sometimes she will stalk Saki and steal some of Saki's stuff to keep on her own. Whenever she thinks of Saki she starts drooling thinking all kinds of perverted thoughts. However she wouldn't kill anyone who tried getting with Saki so she isn't a yandere.

Kokona Haruka- Kokona is the girl Enda hates THE MOST at the school. She hates her boobs, she hates her hair, she hates everything about her, but most important, she hates how much Saki and Kokona are friends, everytime she sees them together Enda starts getting mad and starts complaining about Kakona and says how she hope she dies, but won't actually try and kill Kokona, however if something bad happens to Kokona she gets happy and laughs at her, for example the compensating dating, she will mock her about it constantly insulting her.

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