Summary... or whatever.

Edgy Wong is a version of Wong from a parallel universe that is edgier than the normal Wong. He somehow has Edgy Emo hair growing from his spacesuit.



Edgy Wong is Yandere for Mars to the point that he will destroy the universe if he doesn't get Mars. The only exception is if Wong gets Mars, because they are essentially the same person and he will let him share for a small fee of forty two ninety nine... ninety nine ninety nine.

When he sees a murder, he will simply make and edgy comment and walk away, in an edgy matter. If he sees someone carrying a weapon, he will ask if he could use it after they are done. If he sees blood, he may save it for later, cleaning up the blood in the process.


Edgy Wong is a Wong from a parallel universe where a Donald Trump fan named Ronald Poker not only won the election, but somehow also took over the world and forced everyone to have a haircut as bad as his. Edgy Wong, being the rebel he is, tried to assassinate Poker with Wong's Tasty Treats from MARS! but failed due to Poker's refusal to consume the product, as it would "ruin his great hair". He then founded a resistance group that fought against Poker's ideals and his empire little by little. First they grew super Edgy EmoHairTM, followed by coloring all of their garments black or dark gray. Then they rose to more drastic measures, like stealing technology from top secret labs. They eventually gathered enough power to create a portal to this universe and sent their leader through to warn against both Poker and Trump's danger.

But then Poker attacked with the most powerful weapon known to mankind: The Small Loan of a BILLION Dollars. The whole world in the alternate universe, except Poker and his 5th wife, were annihilated. Edgy Wong watched as all of his kin died in agony before him, as he slowly fell into the portal. This left him scarred for life and completed his transformation into Edgy Wong.


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