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When Senpai and Kokona sat down on the bench, they talked. About Miss Risa's words.

Kokona: This can't be happening! Sota's dead?!

Senpai: This is getting really messed up. So let's just get things straight. Let's list everything we know.

Kokona: Sota is dead.

Senpai: People are acting paranoid.

Kokona: Hey, wait! This dream. rumor... Sota's death... Paranoid people.. This can all be connected!

Later that night, 8:00 to be exact..

Riku: Wow, man. I can't believe Sota's really gone.

Haruto: Oh, no! Do you think we'll get the dreams too?

Sora: Hey, shut up, man. We're actually getting together for once, let's enjoy it.

Senpai: Hey! We're here to discuss what Miss Risa was talking about, and for some coffee! I needed a break, and you guys do too!


Riku: Alright, see you?

Sora: Sure, man.

Haruto: Uh, okay!

Senpai: I'll stay for a while. I'll see you tomorrow, ok?

???: Hey...

Senpai looked up. It was Osana Najimi, the most popular girl.

Osana: Could I sit here?

Senpai: Haha, sure..

Osana was soooo beautiful. With her blushing cheeks, her soft smile, her cute hairstyle...

Osana: Oh, thanks. We're gonna have so much fun.

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