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Hey, it's me. Yes. I know that I still have 'Going Yandere On Senpai' to do. I really can't think of anything to put there. I don't even know if I can finish it. Anyway, this story is based on the game 'Catherine.' It takes place in Burzaza Town. It all starts on one lecture.

Senpai was putting his stuff away as he ran to math class. It was with Miss Risa. Senpai got there just as the bell rang, and sat at his desk, which was next to Kokona's. Kokona was his girlfriend, a kind one. But she could easily get serious.

Miss Risa: Hello, class. Instead of doing math today, I am here to tell you an important thing.

Have you ever heard that if you fall deep in a dream and don't wake up before you fall, you die in real life?

Most of the students answered 'Yes,' and Senpai did too.

Miss Risa: Yes. Do you notice Sota Yuki is not here today?

Everyone, Sota has met his demise. He passed at the strike of midnight.

Everyone: *gasp*

Miss Risa: And if you're gonna ask why I think, well. *sigh* Lots of people are acting paranoid. They're talking about blocks... sheep... spikes... blood...

Ugh! I can't even. Well... *sniffles* If it happened to Sota, it may happen to you... and me. Stay calm. We don't know about this. I need to call either the police or some therapists. You are dismissed.

Senpai walked out with Kokona.

Senpai: What if this... what... if... it happens to ME?!?!