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I kinda wanna make an oc mod so here we go. It will work with the May 2nd build.

Fill out the template and comment and I'll add you oc(s)! Up to three characters per person

Student to replace:



Bust size (if female):


Hair color:




Strength (if any):

Accessory (if any):


  • Senpai OPEN
  • Budo Masuta OPEN
  • Chojo Tekina OPEN
  • Daku Atsu OPEN
  • Haruto Yuto OPEN
  • Hayato Haruki OPEN
  • Inkyu Basu OPEN
  • Juku Ren OPEN
  • Koharu Hinata TAKEN
  • Kokona Haruka OPEN
  • Kokuma Jutsu OPEN
  • Kuu Dere OPEN
  • Mai Waifu OPEN
  • Mei Mio OPEN
  • Midori Gurin OPEN
  • Mina Rai OPEN
  • Oka Ruto OPEN
  • Pippi Osu OPEN
  • Riku Soma OPEN
  • Ryusei Koki OPEN
  • Ryuto Ippongo OPEN
  • Saki Miyu OPEN
  • Sakyu Basu OPEN
  • Shima Shita OPEN
  • Shin Higaku OPEN
  • Sho Kunin OPEN
  • Sora Sosuke OPEN
  • Sota Yuki OPEN
  • Supana Churu TAKEN
  • Yui Rio OPEN
  • Yuna Hina OPEN

I need someone to make portraits if someone doesn't mind.

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