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Student Info
Career Succubus
Reputation Unknown
Club Unknown
Age Hundreds of years old
Persona Unknown
Crush An unknown Upperclassman, likely Senpai in yanvania
Additional Info Shows up every one hundred years

Dracula-chan is a succubus, and the antagonist of the minigame Yanvania: Senpai of the Night.

Dracula-chan is a parody of the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night character Dracula. She is a succubus who appears every 100 years at Akademi Institute.


Dracula-chan has long purple hair, and yellow eyes. She wears makeup, and very skimpy clothing. She has wings and a tail. She has multiple pieces of jewelry on her, including a piece on her neck.


Dracula-chan is a succubus who appears every 100 years to ask for a blood sacrifice from one of Akademi Institute's upperclassmen. If the upperclassman agrees, she will grow powerful. When this happens, all of the school's students will disappear, except for any students who were in love with the upperclassman who made the sacrifice. A girl is the only one who can defeat her. The girl is Beldere-chan in this case.