Doro Gurin
Student Doro Gurin2.5
Student Info
Career Student,EVA Pilot
Reputation varies between "version"
Club Science
Age 16
Persona Devoted,Evil
Crush  ???
Additional Info None

Doro Gurin is one of the male students that attends Akademi High School,an EVA pilot and the vessel of Samael's soul,thus,an angel.


All of Doro Gurin "normal incarnations" wear the default male school uniform at school,vintage clothes outside of it and a black and green plugsuit while piloting EVAs.

Doro's "human forms" have a short,curly and fluffy chocolate colored hair forming a pseudo afro around their head. Their eyes are a lighter shade of brown than the one of the hair and wear black-rimmed glasses. "Angelic Doro" has black hair,larger and less curly than his other "self"'s and has bright red eyes.He usually doesn't wear clothes.


Among the types of personalities in Yandere Simulator, he is both evil and devoted,if he sees a corpse or a Murder/Suicide he will flee school but will not call the police.In the case he sees Yandere-chan committing homicide,he will compliment her on her crime and leave school to avoid becoming your accomplice,the next day onwards he will refuse to talk to Ayano.If the player aims their camera at him he will become annoyed and give you a serious stare.If he has already seen Yandere-chan commit murder,he will be able to fight back if attacked.If he sees Yan-chan killing someone he loves,he will try to kill her.


Kuro Gurin

Doro's legal father.He died in the attack of the 17th angel.


Doro's biological father and soul's provenance.The first angel on Earth and a seed of life.

María Vergine

Doro's mother.She conceived him after going trough artificial insemination.Died in a riot after first impact.She used to reside inside EVA 01's core until Doro II destroyed it.

Ongaku Gurin

Doro's older half-sister.She died in the attack of the 17th angel.

Takoizu Gurin

Doro's younger half-sister.Barely survived the attack of the 17th angel,but died few months after during the second impact.




Doro usually looks up at Yandere-Chan,seeing her as a true example of perseverance,intelligence and devotion.WIP


  • Despite the fact that he has the same last name as Midori Gurin, they are not related.
  • His favourite color is green.