Donald Trump
Student Info
Career American Politician
Reputation Unknown
Club None
Age 69
Persona Thinks the Best
Crush Melania Trump
Additional Info Running For President
Donald J. Trump is running for president


Look at the image cause I'm not explaining it mmk?


Donald Trump is running for President because he wanted to, because he will build a wall and deporting Mexican people. Melania Thinks Donald Trump is a good President and Some people is Running for him. WELL I DON'T WANT MY MEXICAN FRIENDS GO BACK TO MEXICO [IRL]. and Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas is like Mexico. If Donald Trump is President we would have 47 STATES, yes 47 STATES! [I Think] So don't ever vote for him.

5 Questions

  • Why are you running for President? "Because everyone loves me"
  • Why are you building a wall? "Because I hate Mexicans"
  • What are you doing to do with your life if your President? "Who knows in the Future"
  • Do you love your Family? "Yes you Idiot! I mean Yes"
  • What are you going to say to Obama? "You're Fired!"

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