Dmitri Utkin

Human - Russian


Male Male


He He






Homosexual Homosexual

Personal Status

Russian Mafia


-110 (Feared)

Personal Status



Mikhail Utkin (Father), Nadezhda Utkina (Mother), Bertha Utkina (Sister), Anastasia Utkina (Sister)

Additional Info
He is the son of a Russian Mob Boss.

Dmitri Utkin is THELEGENDGIANTDAD's OC. He is the son of Mikhail Utkin and Nadezhda Utkina, and the brother of Bertha Utkina and Anastasia Utkina.


Dmitri has blonde hair and blue eyes. he has a scar on his lip from when he accidentally cut himself as a child, and another on his right eyebrow from a fight. He is usually shirtless, but when he does wear shirts, they are unbuttoned to show of his abs.


Dmitri is a very straightforward man. If he doesn't like you, he will tell you with his fists. In fact, most of his disputes are solved with his fists. He constantly brings home and sleeps with new men, which his father has walked in on on multiple occasions.


Mikhail Utkin

Mikhail is Dmitri's father. They aren't on very good terms. Dmitri thinks that Mikhail is homophobic and ashamed of his son. In truth, Mikhail is tired of walking in on his son fucking a new guy every night, but does love his son.

Nadezhda Utkina

Dmitri is Nadezhda's oldest child and only son. He wishes she would stop treating him like a child, and accept that he is an adult now.

Bertha Utkina

Bertha is Dmitri's younger sister. He is often the one to drive her to school, as their father is often busy with activities ranging from mini golf to murder. He feels as though she has betrayed him, as their father wishes for Bertha to become mob boss instead of him.

Anastasia Utkina

Anastasia is Dmitri's youngest sister. Like most of his family, Dmitri fears Anastasia as she is the most dangerous and most intelligent of the family.

Stevie Mills

Stevie, being one of Bertha's only friends, knows Dmitri from when he comes to Bertha's house. Dmitri often hangs out with Stevie as well, but it is mostly when he picks Stevie up from school with Bertha.

Ongaku Obarodo

Ongaku occasionally comes over with Bertha to get away from her family. Dmitri has friendly chats with her sometimes.


  • Dmitri has had relations with almost every gay male in town. Because of this, he has started picking up men from towns as much as 50 miles away.
  • Dmitri thinks that a person's sexuality can change overnight. If he asks a man to sleep with him, and the man says no, he will reply with "I will ask again tomorrow." If a woman ever asks to sleep with him, he will respond with "Ask again tomorrow" so he can keep his options open if he does turn straight.