---DIAMOND DOGES is a family of users and also an AU, called "THE DIAMOND DOGES"---

Diamond Doges


Legend, on a mission gone wrong, was horribly injured and went into a coma. In 1984 (9 Years after the failed mission) Legend awoke missing his left arm and an eye. He also had a piece of shrapnel embedded in his head. While he was recovering from the coma, a strike team of an unknown clan stormed the hospital, killing everyone in sight to hopefully kill Legend. He managed to make it out of the hospital, with the help of his sister, Revolver Dude. She led him to a whaling ship and gave him a state-of-the-art prosthetic arm. He went to Afghanistan and rescued his friends (And later members) Swedechef, PinkVickicat2.0, SomethingYuno, and Raspberry*Nightmare. They then exfiltrated via helicopter to their offshore base,

Memer base

"Memer Base." They then prepared for war against the Clan that took everything from them, like Venom Legend's arm, Kazuhira Swede's right arm and left leg, SomethingYuno's love for pie, Raspberry's Hope, and Pink's Josh Ramsay. They started gathering money, recruits, all to combat the other clans. Rubbing their noses in bloody battlefield dirt- all for revenge.


Rebel Peri (Perimaru) - A Peridot that betrayed his homeworld for the cause of the Diamond Doges

Kazuhira Swede (SwedeChef)- Old companion from the DS days, and main connection to Clan Swede

Stalker Pink (PinkVIckicat2.0)- A fangirl robbed of her senpai.

Crazy Mikan (SomethingYuno)- A crazy cannibal robbed of her pie.

FireNyan Raspberry (Raspberry*Nightmare)-A hopeless and blind visionary robbed by the clans.

Revolver Dude (Chariot Dude)- A rival living a troof.

Kawaii Satan (DarkUchihaPrincess) - A weeaboo robbed of her animu.

Punished "Venom" Legend (THELEGENDGIANTDAD)- A fallen Legend.

Temmie Flareon (JustACommenter) - TBA

Icecube (Lord_Regent_Iceberg) - A man without a face.

Allies and Enemies

ALLIES: Clan Swede, Clan Raspberry

ENEMIES: Unknown Clan(s?) that tried to kill the Diamond Doges and their leader, Punished "Venom" Legend.

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