Devu~iido Kuroso is DaviCruz's first OC. (This page is written entirely by EstelleBrown with information provided by DaviCruz.)


Devu~iido has messy and long blonde hair with bangs. He has olive green eyes and can be seen always wearing a grey T-shirt with a black jacket outside of school. Due to his obsession with soccer, he always carries a soccer ball with him wherever he goes.

He wears the default school uniform unless customised by the player.


He actually has a pretty normal life with his family and friends. Devu~iido's reasons for being so obsessed with soccer is currently unknown.

Devu~iido stalks Ayaka Hisashi daily in hopes of making her his girlfriend one day. He has asked her out before but got rudely refused. However, he does not give up and continues to pester her each day.


Ayaka Hisashi - His crush and can be seen stalking her or pestering her at all times.

Chrys Lawliet - Dislikes him for unknown reason, might be because he is envious of Chrys's harem.