Delora yumi


Delora yumi is a fan student in Yandere simulator



when she was 8 years old , her sister died from

her allergies to nuts and her dad fell into a depression killing

himself , the mum then died 4 months later from a heart

attack from the stress of handling a child by herself , delora

gets sent money by oka ruto's dad / her uncle so she can

get food and water and stuff she needs



info chan

delora hates info chan and doesn't like what she

dose to other students

Yandere Chan

delora has a secret crush on Yandere chan and wants to kiss

her and be happy with her....... she quoted "she is the light to my

ever lasting misery"

oka ruto

oka ruto is Delora's cousin and she likes spending time

with her she mostly has a sleep over at her house on Saturdays

at the sleep overs they watch horror films and talk about

how miserable life is and they both open up to echover


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