Debata Debora is a fanon character created by BaronLuke Productions.




Daibuku wears the default uniform unless the player customize it.

She has Long Blue Hair.Her eyes are also blue, but more darker.She wears a the Martial Arts Club´s headband



  • 7:00-8:00 - She arrives at school while looking on her phone. She will then go with her friends.
  • 8:00-1:00 - She goes to class
  • 1:00-1:30 - She goes to the Martial Arts Club
  • 1:30-3:30 - She will go to class
  • 3:30-5:55 - She will stay a little with her friends and then she will go to the Martial Arts Club
  • 6:00 - She will go home


Hikari Daichi:WIP

Daibuku Daichi:She´s her best friend.They talk together about their problems

Aioi Ishiyama:Debata teaches her self defense techniques after school


She´s brave and optimististic.She´s very studious and it has 10/10 in all exams.If she watches Yandere-chan killing, she will try to restrain her.

Depending of the school atmosphere, her behaviour will be changing:

High School Atmosphere:She will stay as usual.

Medium School Atmosphere:She will stay more with her friends.She will start suspecting who´s the murderer.

Low School Atmosphere(If friends are alive)She will be nervous.She spends all time with her friends for protecting them.If she sees Yandere-chan doing strange things,she will start investigating you.

(If all friends are dead):She will be depresive.She would help the Photography Club to find and catch the murderer.If she finds out that Yandere-chan is the killer, she will knock her and bring her to her house.After that, she will start torturing Yandere-chan as a revenge.


  • She originally haved red hair, but she changed it to blue.
  • If you try to attack her, it will start a struggle, like with teachers.

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