Dansei Kankoshi is an OC created by me, DeadlyTeddyBear009.

Dansei Kankoshi
Dansei Kankoshi

Male Male


Early 20s




Heterosexual Heterosexual

Personal Status


Educated in

Osaka University


Assistant Nurse





Personal Status

Unknown Mother (alive)

Unknown Father (deceased)

Additional Info
Assistant Nurse

Can be called upon if corpse is found

Can be blackmailed into giving you a tranquilizer

Dansei Kankoshi


He wears a white nurse uniform with a pink nurse hat. He has red hair and teal eyes. His hair covers his blind eye.


He is a kind and gentle soul. He has a dark secret that you can use to blackmail him into giving you a tranquilizer. Because of how nice he is, he will tell someone if they are being gossiped about. This means you're reputation will be lowered more if you gossip about someone to him.

He has the persona Lookout. If he witnesses murder, he will rally a search party for the murderer. He can also be called upon. If he is called upon, he will act the same as a teacher. He will also show up to help the teacher look for the murderer if a corpse is discovered.

Dirty Secret

He cheated on some of his exams when he was at Osaka University. You can discover this in two ways:

  1. You buy it from Info-chan.
  2. You hear him crying about it in the bathroom on Monday.

If you learn about this, you can blackmail him into giving him a tranquilizer.


The Nurse - He is her apprentice.

Substitute Nurse - She annoys him.

Senpai - Thinks he's creepy since he wants to become the boyfriend of the substitute nurse.

Yandere-chan - He knows her as a student.


"Dead? You're kidding right? Lead me to... the scene."

- When being called upon.

"Oh my god... I'll... I'll call the cops..." - When finding a corpse.

"There's nothing here... This isn't funny! Death is very serious!"

- When finding nothing.

"Oh my god! You just killed someone! He-hey! Don't leave! I have to get some help..." - When witnessing murder.

"I can't believe I got this job... I haven't even told mom... I cheated on those exams... If the headmaster found out... Oh! I have to get back to work." - Him when he reveals his secret in the men's restroom.


His eye was taken out in a fatal accident.

His father died in a car accident.