Slappingtaiga This OC is owned by the wiki user ThatOtakuAuthor. Please ask him for permission if you want to use this OC, or Taiga will come and treat you like shown.
Daichi Tatakai
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 0
Club None, he'd watch anime on Netflix instead
Age 18
Persona Heroic
Crush Sakura Nanami (girlfriend) and Gai Tichi
Additional Info Very weak.

Daichi Tatakai is ThatOtakuAuthor's third OC. He is not within the game, unless JSON files are modified to accommodate him within the game.


Daichi grew up in Buraza Town with his parents. He had no older siblings. Everything from there, it was pretty normal, enrolling in Akademi when it was time for high school.


He has Budo Masuta's November build hairstyle, but turquoise. His turquoise eyes match his hair. He has pale skin, and will wear the default uniform, unless customized.


He is the guy that wants to be noticed, but known in a good way. When someone's doing something that he thinks is unjust, he tries to stop them. He also acts weird around people he likes.



7:00 Come to school

7:10 Stand at locker, change shoes.

7:12 Stands near sakura tree in courtyard.

8:00-1:00 Sits in Class 3-1. He sits on Sakura's right.

1:00 Sits in the cafeteria to eat lunch. He knows Sakura watches him, and takes it as a compliment.

1:30-3:30 Go back to Class 3-1

3:30 Goes home, watches anime.



Sakura Nanami

They like each other, but they are oblivious to the other's feelings.

Gai Tichi

He likes Gai-sama a lot. He thinks he's hot, and listens to every word the teacher says.


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