Cylindra Akiyama
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation +1
Club Computer
Age 16
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush Sami Aperu
Additional Info She was created in an Time paradox.

Cylindra Akiyama is an OC made by SonrisitasParodyFans.


Cylindra has the new drill hair bangs, and large, thin (side-wise) drills. Her hair and eyes both are a bright purple.


Sami Aperu

Cylindra has an crush on Sami.


  • She name is based on
    • Cylindria, an character from "Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures", her name is from the Latin Spanish dub.
    • Yuna Hina frist name "Mio Akiyama".
  • The portrait was created for DarkUchihaPrincess.
  • Original backstory was "she was created by the encounter of the 2 kokonas", this was removed because is considered as an Joke.