In this AU by CrystaltheCool, all the self-insert OCs of users are parodied with their negative traits amplified to comical extremes. This AU is designed to reflect how bad the issues on this wiki could become if nothing changes. Constructive criticism is welcome!


The self-insert OCs all attend one school (canon characters and other OCs don't exist aside from being the OCs of the self-inserts), creatively named "The School for Fun and Up-and-Coming Writers", which was made by students, for students! What could possibly go wrong?

Everything, that's what.

Staff Members (WIP)

The staff members are selected by the students, as to be expected in a school made by students.

Students (WIP)

The students are ordinary students. They often cause trouble, and are mostly separated by cliques, with a few lone wolves in the masses.

Iga Ruan's Social Group (WIP)

The largest clique amongst the students is founded by Iga Ruan, a popular yet perverted student who desires the trust of others so that he can give the world a mass orgy.

Iga Ruan

This section is WIP.

The Lone Wolves (WIP)

These students, if they were a clique, would be the actual largest clique. These students don't get involved in what goes on around school, so they don't join any cliques. Most students are in this area.

Vicki Kat

Vicki Kat is one of the most well-known lone wolves, with good reason. She entered the School for Fun and Up-and-Coming Writers at the age of 12, and only students 13 or older can join. Thus, she was suspended for a few months and now attends the school with a decent reputation.

She's mostly known for her obsession with Josh Ramsay.

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