Coach, """It"""


Human (?)


Male Male


He He



Blood Type

Due to mistakes by the hospital, and his bizarre body composition, it's unclear.




Heterosexual Heterosexual

Personal Status
Educated in

He forgets


PE teacher at Akademi high



Personal Status

Sort of alive(?)

Additional Info
He's trying to start the first Japanese high school football team.

He still believes he's in Colorado.

Craig is the PE teacher at Akademi high.


Craig is the current P.E. Teacher at Akademi High, and still believes he is in Colorado, just in a nightmare dimension where there are no Football teams. The reason behind this is that he came to Japan because his friends dared him to while he was drunk and or high. When he got to Japan, he stole a couch from a family and crashed in a sewer. However, his house in Colorado was virtually indistinguishable from a sewer so when he awoke he thought he was home. He now believes that all of his friends from Colorado were figments of his imagination (Due to their absence) and says "It wouldnt be the first time."

Craig is also a medical oddity- he has around 23 confirmed concussions and he is still alive. His bizarre body composition has made it so that he could survive the decades of drug abuse and bar fights.


Craig is decently round, and wears a stained orange tracksuit. He has gross blonde and grey hair.


Those who have met Craig have described him as a "douchebag." While he seems to care very little about the children/figments of imagination on his football team, he claims that he only wants to lead them to victory (note: He was drunk when he said this). He claims to have a good relationship with his mother, yet, when asked, he said he doesn't know who his mother is. It's hard to imagine what Craig might've been like before he started using drugs and alcohol, but one thing is for certain: Craig is not a pleasant man while he is sober, or even semi-sober.


Craig has the "Oddity" persona. If he witnesses a murder, he will start screaming, and hide in a shed. he may call the police, but it's unlikely that they will understand him. After a while, he will be convinced that it was a hallucination. If he finds any bodies after this, he will sigh, open a flask, take a swig of alcohol, and continue walking. He may even avoid looking at suspicious activity after this, at least for the rest of the day. If water is poured on him, he will continue on with his day, telling anyone who asks that he's just really sweaty from working out (he doesn't work out). If blood is poured on him, he'll scream and run around, eventually knocking himself unconscious in some way. If someone tries to take a picture of him, he'll just continue walking.


  • If Craig had a voice actor, it would be H. Jon Benjamin.
  • Craig is a medical oddity. If anyone else had been through what he had, they would have kicked the bucket long ago.
    • Because of this, many students refer to him as 'It' with varying amounts of quotation marks for varying amounts of confusion.

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