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Copper Streak
Copper Streak-0
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation Low
Club Delinquent Gang
Age 16-18
Persona Delinquent
Crush Unknown
Additional Info None

Copper Streak is a female delinquent.As of the Delinquent Update,she has been removed, however, she might be re-implemented in a future game mode, 1980's mode.


Copper Streak has dark brown hair with copper streaks on both sides. Her eyes are orangish-brown. She wears a white mask over her mouth with "くそ". くそ is Japanese profanity. She uses a kendo as a weapon.


She will stand with her kendo and make aggressive remarks to the player and will push the player away if they get too close. If she sees the player with a corpse, she will chase after the player and hit them over the head, rendering them comatose. If the player is seen holding a weapon, she will stand and face the player, ready to hit the player if they get too close. If the player puts the weapon away, she will taunt them, calling them a coward.