Chapter 0: Introduction

The main characters for this FanFic are:


Misaki Ria

Yuzuki Ria

Soshi Sosuke

Yushin Rento

Hiroto Kosei


Sora Sosuke

Narrator: It seemed like it was just another ordinary day at Akademi High as we follow the tales of certain students. Their names are: Sora Sosuke, his older brother, Soshi, Misaki Ria, her sister, Yuzuki, Hiroto Kosei and Yushin Rento.

Yuzuki: Wow sis, today's gonna be a great day!

Misaki: You can keep saying that, doesn't make it-

*Soshi and Sora walk by Misaki and Yuzuki*

Soshi: Hey, what's up?

Misaki is almost lost for lost for words, as her crush, Soshi just spoke to her

Misaki: Uh, n-nothing much, y-you?

Soshi: Nothing much, see you in class!

*Sora just waves*

Yuzuki: What were you going to say?

Misaki: W-what do you mean?

Yuzuki: Before you-know-who showed up?

Misaki: Uhh... Doesn't make it a lie like everything else you say.

Yuzuki: Yeah, sure.

Random Popular Girl: Hey Yuzuki! Party at my place on Saturday! My parents are out of town, and make sure your sister the goth freak doesn't come.

Yuzuki: Thanks! I'll definetley show up!

Misaki: Are you insane?! This is only your first year here! And your going to waste yourself at a party?

Yuzuki: *While texting on her phone* Ugh, your just jealous that 3rd year students invite me to parties, and your a 3rd year, and you've never been invited to anything.

Misaki: Just because the last half is true doesn't been you need to say it!

Yuzuki: Whatever, I'm going to my locker to touch up. You should come so I can fix your makeup. The purple eyeliner eyebrows are not working out for ya, Misaki.

Misaki: *Moans* I told you! I dyed them purple!

*Yuzuki flips her hair and walks away*

*Hiroto walks by holding his arm*

Misaki: Holy crap, what did those bullies do to you this time, Hiroto?

Hiroto: Punch me, kick me, ect.... as per usual.

Misaki: Oh... I'll see you in class!

Hiroto says as Misaki walks away: Hehehe... I love you Misaki...

In class

Teacher: Students! Take your seats! *starts teaching a lesson*

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