Her new Design

Chiyo Tsukino is an OC created by Dennykid.

Chiyo Tsukino
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Unknown
Club Occult Club
Age 18
Persona Unknown
Crush Unknown
Additional Info None

Chiyo Tsukino is a mysterious young girl who believes in the paranormal and dreams of of exorcising spirits and helping them move on. Due to rumors of a female spirit in the girls third floor restroom, she mainly visits the said restroom. Much to the curiosity of her classmates. She only wants to help everyone in understanding some spirits are good and should be respected. However, she'll attempt to banish the malevolent ones. She lives with her grandmother who is also closely connected with the occult. She is often called witch by her peers but is a well respectable girl.


She has crimson hair with widows peak bangs with long sides and two braids on the back supported by two black beads and a charm in her hair. She wears the Akademi High uniform with a golden sash around her waist. She wears bandages on her legs to conceal her birthmarks. For shoes, she wears Geta Sandals.

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