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Chiyo Chishu(Usually known as 'Chiyo Casella' outside of the Yandere Simulator universe) is a multi-fandom OC made by Kamiko

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Chiyo has fair skin. She wears light pink lip gloss. She has brown hair with a dyed dark blue streak. She also wears it in a ponytail so her hair wont blow all over her face when exercising. Chiyo's height is shorter than an average 1st year student, being only 5'1 ft. She wears goggles on top of her head as it's required for members of the Sports club. Chiyo will automatically wear the seifuku unless the uniform is changed by the player. Her stockings are blue with pink stripes. Chiyo also wears plain blue panties. Chiyo also has amber eyes just like her sisters.


Chiyo looks the same except she wears the 1st year female uniform 


Chiyo is very active in sports, specifically swimming. She's tough and shows irritation towards pretty much everybody, even her friends. She often vents to people when they get on her nerves. She actually dislikes hurting people, but she will scold them when she feels is needed. Chiyo will not hold back if a threat is near and she knows about it, when someone is attacked she will try her best to stop the threat from hurting the other person. She claims that she doesn't need anybody's help, however, she becomes sad when she's alone. This trait obviously makes her a tsundere, a person who tries to hide their true feelings by acting tough and aggressive towards their lover. It's very hard for Chiyo to trust people, as she was unfairly taken advantage of when she was very young and showed more of a softer side than currently. Chiyo will most likely refuse to do favors for anyone unless they convinced her that they're trustworthy.

Reaction to Suspisious Actions

Chiyo's strength is Very Strong

Chiyo's actions will depend on the atmosphere of the school.

Bloody Clothing- Chiyo will confront you, asking you what the stain is. Med-Low atmosphere Chiyo will gossip about you.

Suspicious Weapons- Chiyo will question you.(High atmosphere) Gossip about you(Med - Low atmosphere)

Evil Laughing- Chiyo will tell you to shut up.

Medium or Low Sanity- Chiyo will just avoid you.

Blood on Ground- Chiyo will just think it's ketchup and ignore it unless it's low atmosphere(she will tell her friends about it and call the police).

Reaction to Murder

Chiyo will react upon the Heroic persona.

Acquaintances- Heroic student reaction

Friends or/and Crush- Heroic reaction.

Enemies- Heroic reaction.

Reaction to getting pointed at by a camera

Chiyo will hide her face like an evil student despite being Heroic.


Sometimes her schedule will be altered such as going to the bathroom.

  1. Enter School and change shoes
  2. Chat with her best friends
  3. Head to class 1-1 and stay there until Lunch
  4. Chat with best friends
  5. Head to class 1-1 and stay there until school is over
  6. Change shoes and heads to the track field(Unless if the club disbands she will just head home)
  7. Participate in club activity
  8. Go home


KAwAIiDaSuNeCHaN!1!- Chiyo is very rude to her and calls her a "lame ass no good Mary Sue". (mostly because she harasses Seishiro a lot)

Seishirō Morita

She's friends with him and she most likely has a small crush on him. She acts very tsundere-ish towards him whenever he playfully flirts with her.

If you kill him in front of Chiyo, she will try apprehend you.

Otsune Chishu

Chiyo's older sibling. Chiyo used to get bullied by them, including destroying toys, getting her hair messed up, getting yelled at, and always getting blamed by them a lot when both of them were around 2-5. Luckily none of these things happen anymore, however, Chiyo gets scared when Otsune gets angry. Despite they she used to get bullied by them, Chiyo trusts Otsune the most out of her siblings.

If you kill them in front of Chiyo, she will apprehend you.

Mia Casella- Chiyo's younger sister. Chiyo gets a bit annoyed when Mia follows her around almost everyday. Chiyo is unaware about Mia's huge respect for her. Chiyo does care for her as Chiyo wouldn't mind helping her out when Mia is upset.

Sue Casella- Chiyo's younger sister. Chiyo tries to avoid her as things get heated whenever they're near each other. Chiyo shows...some care for her. They used to be close, until an argument happened between them 2 years ago. Chiyo is aware of Sue's mean nature.

Zeon Wakiya

They know each other because they have the same friends but they don't really interact much..


  • She is the second oldest sibling in her family being after, Otsune Chishu.
  • Despite being a tsundere, Chiyo doesn't know what a tsundere is.
  • Blue is Chiyo's favorite color.
  • She's has the most appearance and personality changes changes of all of Kamiko's OCs

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