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Chisato Nishida





Female Female




5'0 (1.52m)


100 lbs (~45kg)


Nov 5th

Astrological Sign

Scorpio Scorpio

Blood Type



Social Butterfly


Bisexual Bisexual

Personal Status



None, wishes to join light music

Educated in

Akademi High



Lives in

Buraza Town

Personal Status



Kayoko Nishida (sister), Parents

Additional Info
Guide for her sister

Chisato Nishida is an OC created by Swedechef. She is the younger sister to Kayoko.


Chisato has shoulder length brown hair, has a lighter hue at the tips. She stands at exactly 5'0 (1.52m) and weighs 100 lbs (~45kg). Her bust size is slightly above-average, which she loves to bring up in conversation to her sister as Kayoko is easily embarrassed by the size difference. Her eyes are a light brown, matching her hair.


Born in Buraza town to owners of a local cafe, Chisato grew up differently than her older sister Kayoko. Going through the public school system rather than independent learning, she was able to make friends through her classmates and became one of the more popular kids in her school. This all would change when her sister started to confide in her more, and she started to realize how she really was feeling during all this time rather than the facade she had put up.

Going into high school with her sister she had decided to spend much less time with her friends and focus more on Kayoko making sure she was doing alright. This has started a decline from popularity as she began to outright ignore old friends for her sisters sake.

Currently she has a part time job as the family cafe as a waitress, taking the orders while her sister cooks them


Like her sister she is an outgoing person, more so than Kayoko due to her knowledge of social etiquette. She also has the ability to easily interact with the social cliques of the school due to having what she likes to call "general knowledge".

Due to having a ton of work on her plate with taking care of her sister, keeping up her grades and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, Chisato is always stressed out and thinking of what needs to be done. Add this to her already absent mindedness, this causes her to always be forgetting events or misplacing objects.

Because of her feeling the need to always be helping her sister she has become overprotective of her and almost paranoid of the other students in school. She constantly has the urge to be checking up or being around her just to make sure she isnt the target of bullying/teasing or just make sure she is doing OK. This causes her to ignore her own desires for that of Kayoko's, the greatest example being her involvement of the cooking club over her own choice of light music. Chisato despises cooking with a passion, but because she is afraid of what will happen she joined anyways to be with her sister.

Chisato is a very confrontational person, not afriad to speak up against someone she disagrees with. This can both play out good and bad, since any comment made about Kayoko will be recieved with distrust and she'll most likely call you out for sarcastic remakes or the like


Chisato is a social butterfly, meaning she will spend more time around other students than off on her own. Unlike most other social butterflies, she wont pose for a picture unless you already have high relation with her or her sister, if not she will turn away from the camera or tell you to put it away. If she is witness to a murder she will first find her sister, and once she is found attempt to get both of them to the nearest crowd of people for extra safety. If her sister is attacked she will try to stop the attacker, but if Kayoko is killed before she can attempt she will fall to the ground in despair, making her an easy target.

Additional Mechanics

Her over-protectiveness of her sister causes her to be ever vigilant on her protection, meaning it would be hard not to find them together or to try to separate them. This leaves you with the small time in between classes before they met up in the courtyard to talk to one without the other being there.

She will also immediately confront you when pointing a camera at Kayoko without her being aware firsthand. Any panty shot made in her vision will cause her to come up and publicly ridicule you for it, causing a greater reputation lose than normal.

If your reputation with her is high enough she will offer to teach you sign language (task needs to be performed beforehand).

Task: Noteworthy Help

If your rep is high enough with her Chistao will ask you to bring a note to her sister, as she will be preoccupied with finishing a project in class.

Once your rep is at maximum affinity, and both her and Kayoko's task are completed, you will have the option to attempt to convince her to join the light music club. Doing so will remove her from the cooking club and therefore separate her from her sister during the afterschool hours.