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This OC will be undergoing changes! Please hold any questions that you have about this OC until she's finished!


Chinatsu has mulberry purple hair that is worn down with a single red rose on top. Chinatsu wears the default uniform with a white opened blazer on top. She also wears a black choker, yellow fishnet stocking and gold high heels.

Kamiko's fanon

Chinatsu doesn't change except that she wears the 1st Years female uniform.


Chinatsu has Narcissistic personality disorder or NPD for short. Meaning that she's very vain and egotistic. She believes that she is god and that her biological parents are also god(however this is far from true).

Reaction to Suspicious Activities

Reaction to Murder



Feel free to post any Chinatsu-related artwork here!

Outdated Gallery

(This is Outdated Pictures of Chinatsu)

This includes:

  • Older looks of Chinatsu
  • Older looks of other OCs that are included in the picture

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