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Chikako has short baby blue hair with bangs with baby blue eyes and black eyelashes. She wears the regular school uniform with the long skirt varient. She also has a baby blue neckless.


Chikako is a calm person, but she does have a personality. She enjoys walks and her own company. She's basic in every subject except for math, so she hates it. She blames her math teacher for it, but she knows thats selfish, so she tries not to. She is a modest person that tries to be friendly.


Chikako was born in a regular household. She was to be blunt, an apathetic child. She would almost never talk to an adult unless talked to as a child or unless she needed to. She also didn't help others that much, as she taught herself that yourself matters and the people who save you, and that other people are white noise. She began to grow a personality after she was stalked by a boy in the 7th grade, and she started to talk to him.


She has no tasks, however she will not do you any favors automatically, oh so sad.


7:00-7:12:Enter school, put on her indoor shoes.

7:12-7:45:Wonder around school.

7:45-8:00: Enter class 1-2.

8:00-1:00: Is in class.

1:00-1:30: Wonder around the school.

1:30-3:30:. Is in class.

3:30-6:00: Wanders until yelled at by a teacher to leave.


When reacting to blood on the floor she will ignore it.

When reacting to a weapon on the ground she will throw it away.

When reacting to a bloody weapon on the ground she will tell the nearest person and either decide to throw it away or tell a staff member.

When reacting to a insane person she will keep fair distance from them.

When reacting to a person covered in blood she will keep fair distance from them.

When reacting to a person with a weapon she will ignore them.

When reacting to a bloody person with a weapon she will tell a teacher.

While reacting to a bloody person that is insane she will keep alot of distance away from them.

Style of speech

Chikako will always remember to put in titles, such as Kun, San, Chan, Sama, and so on. She commonly speaks in a monotone voice, but sometimes she knocks herself to have a persona and to have a personality so she will talk some days lighter or deeper or cheerier.


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