This OC belongs to DuckPimp. Please ask for his permission before using!!


Chihiro wears the normal uniform, accompanied by a black medical mask with a white skull drawn on it. She has long, curly black hair and has light blue highlights. She has matching blue eyes and pale skin.


Chihiro acts like the other delinquents, pushing students around, bullying them. She used to be kind, but once she joined the Delinquent Gang, she began to act rudely towards others.


  • I made her mainly because I absolutely adore the delinquents :3c
  • She was an old OC I trashed a few years ago, but I decided to revive her as a Yandere Simulator OC


"Get lost!/Piss off!/Get outta here, loser!/What's your problem?" -When another student is in sight

"Move, you idiot!/Don't make me hurt you!" -When pushing someone away

"Whaddaya got there, punk?" -When seeing someone holding a weapon

"Don't you dare./ I will hurt you!" -While watching someone holding a weapon

"Just what I'd expect from a wimp like you!" -When someone puts away their weapon

"Nice case, dork!/It'd be a shame if someone were to take that precious little instrument of yours'! Haha!" -When seeing someone holding an instrument case

"You won't get away with this!" -When seeing someone with a corpse



Kisekae Code

  • 36**aa56.

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