Hi! I'm Cherry! I LOOOVE sweets! My sister says I'm a Deredere!


Cherry Kisekae 2.0

She has waist length pastel pink hair, she wears the default uniform (unless the uniform is customized) and she has to stockings, one is blue with horizontal stripes, the other is pink with vertical stripes


She is a social butterfly who is very very peppy, she often yells without knowing it and is known to fangirl and squeal a lot. She works at a candy shop her parents own and one day wishes she will inherit it. She likes to be called Blossom and her younger sister (Who is a first year.) calls her "Blossom-Chan" or "Cherry-Onee".

She has a crush on Budo, and thinks he is adorable. Being his best friend she loves to squeeze his cheeks (which she thinks are adorable) and LOOOOVES anime, especially an anime called "Fairy Tail" (LegoPrincess66195, who is writing this from her roleplay account, loves this anime)

Japanese name

Cherī Souru



Cherry Soul


She loves to do ballet and hip-hop lessons, and she adores her teacher, as her dance teacher is very kind and beautiful, (Her dance teachers name is Tori Shinsetsu)


Hair by: BUNNY-LEGS (recolored)

Casual Dress by: RainbowFan256

Casual Flower Crown by: SadGurls

Bathing Suit by: RainbowFan256 (semi-recolored)

Party Dress by: Cheyenneskye

Formal Dress by: LollyDamnPop (Edited just a bit)

The uniform was made by me, but I did not come up with the idea.

Kiskae Codes

Hair and eyes.


Complete Code (Default Uniform)


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