[ This is EwImTrash's OC. Please ask me before using her. ]

This is Cheiya.


Cheiya is sweet, short and likes helping anyone in need. She volunteers at the animal shelter and the orphanage. Cheiya also loves pink, gameboys, and animals. Her favorite animals are bunnies and fireflies. Her favorite animal is her bunny, Buyoy.


There's a picture, but I'll explain it if I have to.

Cheiya has pink hair, with golden swirltails, as I like to call them. She has pink eyes and eyebrows with pink wide rimmed glasses. She always wears her signature pink and gold bow. Cheiya always carries pink candy and has Buyoy by her side.



Cheiya has had Buyoy since she was 5, and he has never left her side since. He is also very close to death.

Cheiya's Parents

Cheiya's parents got divorced the same day they gave her Buyoy. She is close to both of them, but stays with her mother for most of the year.

Musume Ronshaku

Cheiya and Musume like to walk home together after school, and live next door to each other.

Shin Higaku

Cheiya has a small crush on Shin and will stop talking, moving and breathing when she sees him. Her obsession with him is unhealthy, but somehow she forgets about him sometimes.


  • Cheiya is a student at Akedemi High
  • Cheiya gets sunburned easily
  • She is Japanese
  • Cheiya has 6 gameboys, each in a different color
  • Cheiya's father lives in Canada
  • Cheiya plays Pokemon or shaves coconuts when she's bored
  • Every week Cheiya collect fireflies
  • Cheiya is a tsundere, and every time someone asks if she likes anybody, she replies with, "N-no!"


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