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Student Info
Career Chat
Reputation As much as the current members in chat.
Club Computer
Age around 8 months, Since the creation of the wiki.
Persona Dead
Crush Senpai, Female or not.
Strength 0
Emoticon He is the container of all emoticons so his emoticon is all emotes.
Additional Info Is this wiki's chat.

Chat-kun is a joke OC made by SenpaiX and is free for anyone to use in chat.


Chat is a semi-ghost in the Computer lab that rarely revives. It is the chat of the Yandere Simulator Fanon. Hia real name is Chat McDead

It is the person in Akademi to be killed the most, more than 36 times an hour. It was previously Kokona Haruka with the death count of 29 kills an hour.

Most of the killers are yanderes or members of the Aishi Family.

He may appear being tortured whenever a user that is a yandere talks and silence begins afterwards.

He is 8 months old, being made since the creation of the wiki. However, He takes the form of a high schooler because he is 18 in mega-vimtoelectronic years.

There are some people who revive it, hopefully. The person who killed chat can't revive it by talking to themselves. They always fail to get a reply from anyone after killing it, so making text that makes sense to keep it alive.

Also, by his death, every single husbando and waifu dies cuz it contains their emotes. This includes Mario (he has an emote) and also Princess Peach and Meiko Sakine.

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