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Student Info
Career Student
Club Library Assistant Club
Age 14
Persona Quiet, polite, serious
Crush None yet

Charlotte Levian is an OC created by Wiki user Efina. She is non-canon.</p>

She attends Akademi Highschool.


Her hair is brown and her eyes are golden-brown. Her hair is short and her side bangs are long. She is 5'8 (174cm). She wears dark-grey stockings slightly above her knee and has very pale skin. She has freckles on her cheek and nose. She also wears contacts.

At home she wears her hair in a ponytail, with a mauve ribbon to tie it. She wears a blue-grey turtleneck with a dark pink top underneath. The dark pink top tucks under her skirt. She wears two white socks, one slipping down. Her skirt ribbon is magenta and her skirt is blue-grey. She wears glasses instead of contacts at home.


Charlotte Levian is a quiet student. She never talks in class except when talked to, to students, but always greets teachers and fares them well. She is very polite and when she talks it cannot be heard unless you are nearby. She is shy, but not embarrassed. She wishes to make friends. She hasn't interacted with anyone at her middle school so far.

At home, she is very talkative, especially on calls with her online friends. She is also very "salty" (rude and criticizing) when playing PvP (Player versus Player). However, she is still considerate to be nicer to beginners than just people who should know better. She cleans often at home, but spends most of her time on the computer.


Charlotte Levian originally lived in Australia, before her mother decided it would be best that the family moved as her parents wanted to find a new place. She moved and attended middle school, her mother becoming a childcare director and her father becoming a pilot.

At the school, she did her best to make no one pay attention to her. At her previous school she did not have any friends, and she longs to make friends, but cannot initiate conversation.

Eventually, Charlotte's grades rapidly increased in the "primary subjects" (Maths, English, Science & History) and the teachers considered that she could be promoted to high school level. Though embarrassed, Charlotte decided to go ahead and take the high school courses and tutoring for the subjects in her age-level as well.

She is generally seen in the library or wandering the hallways, getting lost as though she is enrolled in the public classes, unless you search for her, she is basically invisible.


Charlotte spends most of her time reading at school, even during class (which gets her scolded.) She likes English, Commerce, History (modern and ancient) and Agriculture.

At home, she spends most of her time on her computer, talking to her friends and playing MMORPGs. 

Her special interest is robots.

She likes to identify with robot characters, going by the names of robot characters. She calls herself a robot very often.


Her Family

Her family includes her brother (18), her oldest sister (18), her sister (15), and her parents.


None yet.

Teobaldo Sommeil

Teobaldo Sommeil is Charlotte's best friend. Although Charlotte does not talk often, she was bewildered with Teobaldo's sleeping habits and sought him out. Eventually, they became best friends. Charlotte enjoys spending time with Teobaldo, and always remembers to pause his games should Teobaldo fall asleep while playing. They usually talk on Skype at home, since Teobaldo usually plays games (and isn't asleep often).

Jack Smith

Charlotte attended Jack's school when he lived in Australia. She admired him (as many students admire their upperclassmen) but besides from Jack helping her a lot, they didn't talk much. When she moved to Akademi High school, she noticed him right away, but so far they have not talked yet.


  • Charlotte is a lesbian.
  • She began attending Akademi High School when she was 13 and a half and moved to Akademi High School when she was 14.
  • Her type of speaking is "little professor" verbose.
  • She has trouble focusing in class, but still maintains high grades.
  • She is afraid of thunderstorms and losing library books.
  • Her "club" is the Library Assistant Club.
  • Her memory is awful, and she forgets things all the time, even the things she's doing currently.
  • She hates the process of eating (and usually goes without eating because of it).
  • She always forgets to drink water.
  • She has dated 3 people before, 2 boys and 1 girl.
  • She often has nightmares and sleeps very little, but is used to being tired.
  • She doesn't get ill very often, but gets fevers commonly.
  • She hates walking around alone, and usually clings to teachers if walking to class.

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