She loves everyone and cares about everyone she could never hurt a fly and she is super nice, she is never sarcastic.


"Your hair looks super nice too i love it so much,<3" - When receiving a compliment

"I LOVE YOU SO MUCH THANK YOU.<3 "- Being complimented too much

"Oh noo why how could you do this poor <insert dead student's name here> well i like it i think..." - when witnessing murder.

"Oh dear Someone died how wonderful" - seeing a corpse

"OOooh i love your knife it is so sharp"- seeing someone with a weapon

"Ummm if you liked me you should have just told me...." - after being kidnapped

"Sure i will follow you <3" - asking her to follow you

"Ack ummm know i am all wet I LOVE IT. it feels so wierd" - having water poored on her

"Umm i wonder who's blood this is Oh well I LOVE IT SO MUCH" - when blood is splattered on her

"I love photo's" - when having a photo taken of her

"Oooooh i just love gossip yay <3" - when being gossiped to

"OK i love helping others." - when doing favors

"Why are you holding something like that can i touch it i love things like that." - seeing someone hold a blunt weapon


If you say Carin three times in the mirror she will tell you everything she loves about you