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Camille has short, messy, half shaven purple and black hair, with the longer part being purple and the other half being black (naturally dark brown), which others also refer to as an undercut. They have dark brown eyes. Their skin is darker, due to having Mexican heritage. They wear both the male and female uniforms, or a combination of the two pending on how they feel that day (masculine/feminine/neutral), and when they wear the female uniforms, they wear striped lavender thigh-high socks. They also usually wear dark purple earrings on their feminine days.


Camille has a multiple personality disorder, meaning that their personality switches from day to day. They have three personalities which usually coincide with their gender. On their more "feminine" days, they are bubbly, talkative, silly and extroverted. On their more "masculine" days, they are serious, less talkative, rude to others and quite introverted. Lastly, on their "neutral" days they are practically emotionless and more introverted than on their "masculine" days. They react to murder but either running to a highly populated area (feminine days) or running off of school grounds to tell the police (masculine/neutral days).


  • They are an exchange student from America and they have Mexican heritage.
  • Their favourite vocaloids are the Kagamines (Rin and Len).
  • They are gender fluid, meaning that they flucate in between genders.
  • Camille means "virginal, unblemished character" in latin and Flores is the 10th most popular surname in Mexico.
  • Their creator refers to them as "GFJ" which means "Gender Fluid Jesus".
    • No one needs to know how their creator came up with this nickname or why their creator came up with that.
    • The nickname is likely a joke about how little genderfluid (or genders that aren't male or female) OCs there are on the wiki.

Kisekae Codes

Female Uniform #1 37**aa11.

Male Uniform #1


Other Uniform