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Backwards Angelboob Titans (Titanus angelus album) or Bwabts are a species of Glitch Monster found in Yandere Simulator by changing the breast size to -15 and the hair colour to "whiteface" (or anything else really).


Most of the Bwabts are scavenging predators but carnivorous examples also exist since they appear to attack Yandere-chan. However, Bwabts are not very strong, as seen when attacking Yandere-chan they get killed instantly by her weapon/fists.


The common bwabt looks like a homo sapien but with a completely white face and black wings that look like human mammaries, as well as no skin.

Infant bwabts are the same size as an average high-school girl and they have skin. When you press the "l" button in game, they transform into their giant skinless adult forms.