Buri Babu
Kanji ブリバブー
Rōmaji Buribabū
Alias Bubble-Bitch
General Information
Race Human
Sex Male
Pronouns She/Her
Birthday August, 17th
Scholar Information
Persona Strict
Reputation Varies
Club None
Crush None
Relationship None
Friends Kouseki Ryomi
Neutral/Freenemies Jeikobu Fōdo
Status Alive

Buri Babu is a OC based on her creator.


Buri is a tall girl with a light brown complexion. Her hair is black and long, held in two ponytails by two laces. She wears red glasses. She wears the regular school black uniform.


Buri is realist, rude and hot headed. She has no fear in saying the truth no matter how much it hurt others and won't accept injustice no matter what happens. Whenever she has a opinion, she stuck with it forever and never change it the slightest, she will always battle against anyone who disapproves what she thinks.

However, she can be a good person at times and will collaborate with her huge creativity to improve or create new things to please others. She likes having fun and acts extremely childish whenever other act funny.


  • She is from Brazil.
  • She has myopia, that's why she wears glasses.

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