Hanahime Extravaganza

Many young ladies take classes here to hone their feminine talents, although only the children of rich families are permitted, as each class has a high fee. The woman who runs Hanahime is strict and harsh, but secretly cares behind the scenes. Hanahime covers all floral arrangements that honor the recently deceased.

Mama Shouta's Party Supplies

Owned by Akemi Shouta's mother. Supplies for parties, celebration, and holidays are sold here.

Rina Lingerie

A small but very expensive lingerie store. A lot of teenage girls buy their panties here.

Seafood Stalls

Lining the beach, many fishermen sell their goods in small stalls.

Hari-Hari-Ito Tailors

A tailor shop and dress shop owned by Madoka Shizuki's family, fixing and providing clohing at reasonable prices. The owners are friendly, but their daughter, who works as the clerk, may not be so amiable.

Ryorino's Sushi

Owned by Iyaiya Kodomo's parents, Ryorino being her mother and Seijuko being her father, they serve sushi and bento. A majority of the bento lunches eaten by Akademi students are from their delicious takeaway. They also give people the opportunity to make their own sushi.