Cookie Creamy Parlor

Owned by Yuna Hina's family. The ice cream here is noted to be much sweeter than the ones from other towns. It is easily overcrowded during the spring and summer months, but business plummets during the winter months. In 2014, the Hinas began selling hot chocolate during the winter months, which has helped maintain their trade.

Lucy's Diner

A diner founded by two rowdy American men. The diner is dressed up in the stereotypical "wild west" fashion, with ranching posters, animal heads, and whiskey at every table. The serving staff is exclusively female and are dressed in very revealing clothing.

Miso Miso Ramen

One of the popular date spots in Buraza Town, because of the cozy and safe atmosphere. The restaurant always smells of soothing spices, and the lighting is soft. The floor has several stains from ramen spills, although it is often overlooked.

Miyu Family Restaurant

Created and owned by Saki Miyu's family. Kokona Haruka works here as one of her many part-time jobs. The restaurant is fairly large, easy paced, and often accompanied by jazz music. The food here is nothing to brag about, although the prices are relatively cheap.

Sushi Express

A simple sushi store. It is located near the beach, and the owner buys his seafood from the local fisherman. The owner, Mr. Koki, is very fussy and also a perfectionist. He is the father of Ryusei Koki. The store is designed for grab-and-go, although there are a few side tables for those that want to eat inside. Outside the store is a chalkboard that displays the day's specials.

Sweet Strawberry Cafe

Owned by Kaori Inoue and her family is the ideal place for a date. The cafe produces all sorts of treats, always at high quality. Every day yields a new menu, so it's impossible to predict the next time a specific dessert will be available.The cafe's speciality lies in its parfaits, the only treat that is always available. Many girls love this cafe because of its sweetness and cute decor.

Sakuraba Neko Cafe

Owned by Yuina Sakuraba and her family. The cafe is a quiet, cozy place where people of Buraza Town can relax, read, sip some coffee, and enjoy the company of many different cats. Some cats prefer certain customers and develop a bond with them over time. Coming inside and interacting with the cats is free, but refreshments do cost money. There are strict rules customers must follow inside the cafe in order to keep the cats safe and happy.

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