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Jonsetarsukegiolyne Alleyway (A.K.A. Za Jojoru Alley)

Alot of shady people hang around. It has been given a code-name by the people that hang out there, so that outsiders do not know what they are talking about. There are rumors that people have been murdered there.

Enigma Treehouse

A tree house in the woods. Was built a long time ago and some children who found it decided to make their club house. Now its broken and may have some stuff hidden in it?

Sakiko Creek

What's special about the creek is that a skeleton of a girl missing since 1989 was found in the 200's. The truth is that the girl was drowned by Yan-chans mother, but no one ever found out and just thought the girl was swimming and drowned. There are rumors that her ghost still lives around the river and will drown any people who swim in it. The creek is difficult to find since it stems from a penninsula on the edge of town, covered with trees.

Tide Timer's Cave

A cave that opens up during low tide, but is semi-flooded during high tide. It is the subject of a rumor that there's a cave on the beach filled with treasure and that a lucky person will find it. This cave actually exists and one person already knows its location. However, it isn't filled with treasure. Children at the beach often spend a lot of time looking for it.

Pikuseru Kyūden

Translated into Pixel Palace and just called Pikyuden, Pixel Palace is a shut down, abandoned arcade located a mile behind Akademi High. Pikuseru's great grandfather used to own it before it closed due to a murder, as well as bad funds. Pikuseru's father wishes to bring it to it's former glory, but upgraded for the modern time.