Buraindo Gaki
OC Teaser
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation 0
Club None
Age 18
Persona Unknown
Crush None
Additional Info None
Buraindo Gaki is an OC created by Fanfiction-chan. She is non-canon.


Buraindo has light orange hair that's swept to the right of her body. She has bandages that cover her eye sockets, and most of her face. She wears the default female uniform. Underneath the bandages are not eyes, but two dark, empty sockets.


Buraindo is a kind girl, but can easily get serious. She mostly has to feel or hear things around her in order to know what they are, resulting in her having almost no understanding of the words "personal space." Although serious, she is very fragile and will break down when someone mentions her lack of eyes, and will freak out even more is someone manages to pull the bandage wrap off and expose her lack of eyes.


  • She is blind.
  • She is Asexual.
  • She is in Classroom 3-1.
  • She has a fear of doctors and hospitals.


Amayakasa Gaki - This girl is Amayakasa's sister. The reason they don't look so similar is because of all of Amaya's body enhancements. If Amaya hadn't gotten these enhancements, they would look very similar. Buraindo loves her sister very much, even if they fight sometimes. Buraindo is the only girl Amaya is kind to.


Buraindo was indeed born with eyes. However, at a year old, while walking down the street, her father was not paying enough attention and Buraindo accidentally fell out of the carrier, hitting the back of her head, messing with her vision. Her father attempted to get surgery to get her to see again, but the surgery went wrong, and Buraindo was left eyeless. Buraindo never wanted another operation, as she was scared of the doctors.

Despite this, however, Buraindo was treated the same. She also had a younger sister named Amayakasa, whom she grew up with. Amayakasa and Buraindo's parents favored Amayakasa, and gave her anything and everything she wanted over the years. However, Buraindo didn't mind. It's not like her parents hated her to the point where they starved her. Buraindo was indeed loved by her parents, just not as much as Amayakasa. Eventually, Amayakasa became a spoiled brat due to her parents giving her everything she ever wanted, but Buraindo didn't mind.

When Buraindo entered grade school, she needed a service dog to help her see. This is where she meets Sakura, a service dog that helps her see. Buraindo named her Sakura because Amayakasa lied to her, saying that Sakura's fur was pink when it was actually caramel brown. Buraindo soon grew attached to Sakura. She occasionally got bullied for her blindness, but she handled it pretty well. She was able to adapt to her surroundings, and can read by touching the ink on the paper due to her incredibly sensitive hands. From then on, she lived a normal life.

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