Bunglehole Mach 2 is an OC owned by DeadlyTeddyBear009.

Bunglehole Mach 2
Student Info
Club Sports
Persona Mach 2
Crush None
Additional Info She is a clone of Monica to be a twin that replaced her forever, however they got to like each other so much, that she aborted the mission killed her commander guy and became like a sister to her.

Her top speed is Mach 2.


  • 7:15 - She arrives at school at alongside Monica and goes to the rooftop to jog.
  • 8:15 - After about an hour of jogging, she will then head to class to harass-- I mean talk to her teacher about her grades.
  • 8:30 - She'll start class.
  • 1:00 - She'll go to lunch and jog on the rooftop.
  • 1:30 - She starts class again.
  • 3:30 - She'll go to the gaming club to socialize with people.
  • 5:45 - She'll go home.

Personality and Appearance

She looks exactly like Monica. To tell the difference between the two, talk about sports. Monica will just be like "meh" and Bunglehole will be like "YASSSSS!" She has the persona Mach 2, when she sees murder she will run around the school and tell everyone what happened, everyone she tells will go to the spot. You must be careful because she will tell everyone, even teachers.



Suspicious of her.

Monica Mischievite Games

Her sister.


Hates him just because.

Inkyu Basu

One of her best friends.


— When being complimented
Can I touch that?
— When seeing a weapon
— When witnessing murder
You freak! Don't do that!
— When witnessing someone take a panty shot

Hypothetical Conversations

Bunglehole and Monica's Conversation

  • Bunglehole: Hi Monica!
  • Monica: Hey girl, how are you?
  • Bunglehole: Good, say have you seen Inkyu?
  • Monica: Who?
  • Bunglehole: *sighs* Raccoon Anoos....
  • Monica: Oh, *mumbles* I ***** slapped her with my ***** gloves...
  • Bunglehole: You didn't...
  • Monica: I just wanted to see if she could fly....
  • Bunglehole: *facepalms*

Bunglehole and Inkyu's Conversation

  • Bunglehole: Are you okay?
  • Inkyu: Kind of...
  • Bunglehole: On behalf of my sister, I apologize.
  • Inkyu: Do you always do that?
  • Bunglehole: Yeah, I mean you're the ten thousandth person that she's slapped with her gloves...


She appeared in this video.

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