Budo Masuta
Student 21M
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation +75
Club Martial Arts
Age 18
Persona Heroic
Crush  ???
Additional Info Founder and President of the Martial Arts Club.

Seems to be incapable of turning down a challenge. Always gung ho and enthusiastic. Sometimes a bit overzealous, especially about martial arts.

Budo Masuta is a male student who attends Akademi High School.


Canon (also applies to fanon)

Budo has the personality of a hero; if a camera is pointed at him (in the future), he will not cover his face, but he will look at the player suspiciously. If he witnesses murder, he will run up to the player and attempt to apprehend her. He is always gung ho and enthusiastic, and he can never turn down any challenge that comes his way.


Rotaro Kiseki - Rotaro is Budo's disciple and best friend; they started training in martial arts together upon starting high school. When they are not training and Kanako's not around, Budo would sometimes tease Rotaro about his crush on Kanako.

Kanako Asahina - Because of Budo being Rotaro's friend, he and Kanako are on good terms; in fact, Kanako is more comfortable around Budo than Rotaro.

Miyako Gurafu - Because of Miyako being Rotaro's childhood friend, she and Budo are on good terms.

Mei Mio - Mei sometimes tries to approach Budo, due to him being the best friend of her best friend's crush, but Koharu finds every opportunity possible to keep her away from him.

Koharu Hinata - Budo and Koharu used to date, but they broke up because of a major fight. There are hints that Budo still has feelings for Koharu after the break-up, but there are no hints that Koharu feels the same way; in fact, she finds any way possible to keep her friends from associating with him.

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