Buddy-chan (wiki size)
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation 93
Club Martial Arts or Drama (dependant)
Age 17
Persona Unknown
Crush Makoto Higeki
Additional Info None


Tomoka Taka (aka "Buddy-chan") is an original fanmade character created in the Yandere Simulator fandom by Wiki user LunarSpawnSerenata. A noble person towards students and teachers alike, she would do anything to increase her reputation by helping out in any activities in the Akademi High School as well as balancing her grades.


Buddy-chan is a young Japanese girl of African descent. She has chocolate brown skin. Her silky black hair is braided in United Kingdom classic style. Her breast is a near average size and is 5'4 and 96 lbs.


Buddy-chan is a very outgoing person who gets along with every student at her school. This is due to the fact she has a Noble trait (made up). Whenever she finds a corpse or witness a murder, she will run and report this to her teacher instead of taking action at her own hands. However, if she is familiar with the murder, she will try and subdue them herself until the police will arrive. She is also capable of self-defense and more aware of the danger coming to her surroundings, however, she will refuse to speak up of her witness to the murder in order to protect her reputation and the reputation of the murderer.

Despite this, she would discuss about the positive things any student has done in order to increase their reputation (unless it is -150) since she cares about everyone in the school.


Nothing much is known about her personality, but it was said that she used to be picked on after a ex-friend has framed her for a horrible prank done by the class's loving teacher. Since then, she switched schools to find a better reputation since she struggled to search for friends.


Koharu Hinata

It is said that Buddy-chan seems to, at the most part, have befriended Koharu during her 3rd week of school. There are times that they would mostly hang out after school, when Buddy-chan or Koharu is not busy.

Kokona Haruka

Because she doesn't get along with Kokona much (possible because she has annoyed her so much), Buddy-chan barely compliments her to the other students. Depending on if they start to get along, Buddy-chan may one day discuss about her positively.


Buddy-chan is one of the students that is aware of Info-chan. This is because she was contacted by her before in a blackmail to take a pantyshot on a student. Buddy-chan, despite her friendly nature, strongly refused knowing this would hurt many feelings and many reputations. Since the decline, Buddy-chan has never gotten a response back. Ironically, Buddy-chan ended up being victimized in a pantyshot. As she was informed by a friend once the picture was published.


Buddy-chan is revealing in good terms to that of Senpai. And would mostly call him by his surname in a honorific manner. This would later become the consequences as murders start spreading across Akademi High School. If she discovers that they're all linked to Senpai, she would definitely stay away from him for her safety.


Buddy-chan is completely aware of any student in the school. This goes for Yandere-chan. She doesn't really confront her much due to the fact that she only knows little to nothing about her. Since the start of the murders however, she realized that Yandere-chan started becoming a little more active. If she becomes aware that Yandere-chan is linked to the murders, she would not take action and would find a way to avoid crossing her path.

Makoto Higeki

Word is said that Buddy-chan actually had a deep crush on Makoto Higeki. Both are, in fact, graduates of a Junior High School (Buddy-chan's last middle school). She mostly bothers him, wether it'd be doing him favors or helping him in tasks. This is because she was the only one that learned of his backstory and has witness the abuse he and his mother was suffering. When Buddy-chan ended up getting a bit depressed, she revealed to a friend that he and his mother have moved out and he is to transfer before the spring break. She clearly misses him as she has a picture of him in her locker.


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