Brazil's Little Fairy
Fadinha do Brasil
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Unknown
Club Fantastic Group
Age Fairy Age
Persona Unknown
Crush Everyone and Igor Luan
Additional Info None
Brazil's Little Fairy is a teacher at Akademi High School. She is cheerful and a ex-stripper, She is brazilian.


Big Tits. Sexy Body. Blonde Hair. Pink fairy clothes with fake wings and fairy bra.


She is cheerful, seductive and sexy. She likes to teach and won't harm anyone, unless this said person twerks in the wrong way.


  • She is Brazilian;
  • She was obese;
  • She likes saying "Hello, Hello! Come dance with me!";
  • She likes to jump, but her boobs move a lot, despite her having a bra, and some (perverted) students call this bouncing;
  • Kids will be sleepy when next to her.

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