• Yulla Le~ Fab


    December 14, 2017 by Yulla Le~ Fab

    For a while i have been inactive on the wiki, mostly modding skyrim/minecraft and doing stuff for people and working on my personal life.

    If anyone was wondering worried or missing me, i swear i'm alive.

    I cannot promise daily visits as i have multiple projects to complete.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • YandereFan Chan


    December 11, 2017 by YandereFan Chan

    Do you want to see my OC? Okay, i will say you.

    Kikuko Suzuki is a special character in Yandere Simulator. She never waiting for somenthing.. mistic.

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  • CopperisticCreativity

    Yeah - I want to clarify something up. I stepped down because of the following reasons:

    School is stressful. The teachers are giving us tests almost every week or two, and I don't get the best grades in the classroom and I feel like I don't belong in the classroom bc of that. Hell, I've got exams at the end of the school year! And I have other things like my 2040s mod (, schoolwork, I prefer Discord though. Another thing I would like to say is that I'm getting less and less interesed in the wiki - why? It's because of the cliques that are occuring here. And other things such as drama, and screenshoots. I'm only staying here thanks to the friends I made through the time.  As you can see, I've got l…

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu


    December 7, 2017 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    i may not be on for a while

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  • Sekiranun

    hi im back i think

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  • Yulla Le~ Fab

    I'm back!

    December 3, 2017 by Yulla Le~ Fab


    For those who didn't know and care, i was sick with the flu this entire week, i'm finally starting to recover.

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! It's time for another Yulla Le~ Awkward Question!

    When was the last time you were sick? >W>

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  • MadPie

    some post

    November 30, 2017 by MadPie


    so yeah no one is gonna read this but I have a deviantart.

    where i post stuff.

    here is the link creeps. i also have a discord teehee : MadPie#9027

    so yeah thats it

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  • Avnore

    they're home!!!!!

    November 29, 2017 by Avnore

    pls excuse my greasy keyboard
    OK SO LIKE. in like. october i saw this tweet from someone who wanted to sell some anime merch and i was like :o oh cool.

    but then

    turns out they were selling those rubber Luluco straps by GSC!!!!!

    for like 15 USD!!! which is really cheap for the whole set!!

    so i did some talking and like

    eventually the price wound up to like. 30 something dollars after shipping

    which is still Not Very Expensive compared to what it would go for on TOM

    so i got them and then a few weeks passed

    didn't wanna ask about it bc i was afraid it'd be sorta. intrusive even though it's not and also talking to people is intimidating, but it ended up arriving much earlier than expected. as in, like, 40 minutes ago as i'm writing this.

    condition very…

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    hey remember me

    November 28, 2017 by PISTACHIOLORD

    hey remember me my fellow daddies

    its time for one of those, how do you feel about me owow shits that it seems i birthed from my womb back in january or some shit

    how does you feel about me

    ah now im blind thanks burj khalifa

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  • NatalieStarz

    This is a blog post where you can post poses of characters in "Yandere Simulator" (Of course in the comments section)

    Or, maybe just a "Got to see moment"

    Such as these... 


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  • Yulla Le~ Fab

    Do you like the Heat?

    November 25, 2017 by Yulla Le~ Fab

    My last one about tempature said a lot of you live in hot areas so,

    Do you like the heat? i personally hate it and id rather be frozen.

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  • TheFunGame

    Hello ! I decided to do Portrait Requests because i'm really bored and don't really have anything to do these days, so here I am.

    I'll probably keep this open for only like a few days, due to my break being over in a few days. If I do decide to keep it open, requests will probably take longer due to school. Sorry about that !

    Here's the forum for requests, fill it out completely. If you don't, your request(s) will end up taking longer due to me having to ask about the unanswered sections.


    ~ Portrait Base Type: Male or Female

    ~ Hairstyle: Provide reference, or name a canon character.

    ~ Hair Color: Provide hair color.

    ~ Eye Type: Normal, Gentle, or Mature

    ~ Eye Color: Provide eye color.

    ~ Uniform: 1 - 6 for Females, 1-6 for Males

    ~ Accessories:…

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu


    November 18, 2017 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    (Please don't get upset)

    Ayano x Taro

    Budo x Asu

    Shin x Oka

    Osoro x Sho

    Hanako x Study-kun B (Mitsuo Kioshi)

    Megami x Kaga

    Kizana x Miyuji

    Osana x Rival-chan (Aiko Asami)

    Amai x Midori

    Mida x Kaho

    Muja x Nasu

    Rino x Reina

    Shiori x Genka

    Karin x Natsuki 

    Kyoshi x Kocho

    Musume x Fureddo

    Haruto x Yui

    Kokona x Riku

    Yuna x Sota

    Koharu x Hayato

    Saki x Sora

    Mei x Ryusei

    Supana x Chojo

    Pippi x Ryuto

    Gema x Mai

    Inkyu x Daku

    Mina x Juku

    Uekiya x Geiju

    Daku x Kokuma

    Red Streak (Akane Atsuko) x Tall Pompadour (Goro Daiki)

    Copper Streak (Chieko Etsuko) x Spiky Pompadour (Eiji Hitoshi)

    Lime Streak (Eiko Hiro) x Triangle Pompadour (Juro Hisoka)

    Purple Streak (Hisoka Kaoru) x Josuke Pompadour (Hachiro Jun)

    Teal Streak (Kazuko Kimi) x Dandy Pompadour (Daichi Hajime)

    Witness-chan (Kumiko Mai…

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  • Yulla Le~ Fab

    Well, it's been a while and i'm bored and everyone i know is sleeping or modding sooo....

    Time for another timewasting question thingy.

    Do you Celebrate Christmas?

    Do you Celebrate Thanksgiving?

    >W< - Sincerely your awkward Yulla.

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu

    Profile Headcanons

    November 18, 2017 by Fuhuhuhuhu

    Sota: "Sota loves all kinds of music and dance. He can sing well. He owns many instruments that he spends time practicing each day.

    He is lactose intolerant and allergic to tree nuts.

    He would like to join a club, but is afraid to mess up."

    Haruto: "Is one of the edgiest kids in school. Loves bullying the other students.

    He doesn't know why the clubs here exist.

    He often spends time at home studying or doing chores."

    Hayato: "Hayato loves watching anime. He thinks that he's failing his classes, and is oblivious to the fact that he is excelling."

    Ryusei: "Most mature male student in the school next to the Student Council, and is greatly respected by the teachers. 

    Often tries to write a book, but throws out his rough drafts."

    Sora: "Loves giving pep t…

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  • YOHIOloid56

    Hey peoples

    November 18, 2017 by YOHIOloid56


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  • KuuderessioPlusvalín

    Well, as we know prettygrumpybear is a youtuber who was usualky soending her time recording gameplays about yandere simulator and that kind of stuff... I recently asked to myslef why she hasn't been uploading any video since it passed four months and... One user actually gave a shocking answer on her latest video:

    She is dead. She commited suicide due a depression. So i need to ask something to people who is aware of this rumor... Is this true? I'm really worried.

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  • CopperisticCreativity

    The blog title says it all. I've changed drastically since the first time I made this blog post. I know ppl have changed their opinion on me since April so Please be honest and tell me what do you think about me. Even if its harsh - I'd rather prefer the hurtful truth instead of a sweet lie.

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  • Chariot Dude


    November 11, 2017 by Chariot Dude

    I am stepping down from the positshin of head admin

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  • Mystiwaii

    Rate my OC's!

    November 9, 2017 by Mystiwaii

    eh idk

    my ocs:'s_OCs

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  • Sekiranun

    current state of the wiki

    November 8, 2017 by Sekiranun

    I'm just saying this to see if it's able to help

    like. a while ago, there was this thing saying that "WE NEED ((staff role i cant remember))" but at the time we still only had like. one semi active admin. the problem is that at this point there's literally one semi active admin and i understand that there's school and all that stuff but i just feel like maybe we need some new admins. like. good admins and somewhat expirenced people. like I don't have a problem with any of the current staff but i feel like getting admins who can be active, help the wiki and is able to like!! be talked to is what we need instead of just trying to fill up the rest of the spots

    like there is literally one admin active and that's not enough

    i've been thinking about…

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  • Yulla Le~ Fab


    November 7, 2017 by Yulla Le~ Fab


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  • Yulla Le~ Fab

    Don't Mind this2

    November 7, 2017 by Yulla Le~ Fab

    Hairs made by CrabbyMeal, Portrait's made by deadtheneko.

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  • Yulla Le~ Fab

    Do you like the cold?

    November 7, 2017 by Yulla Le~ Fab

    Its kinda cold here, it might even snow for once on christmas,

    Do you like the cold/snow?

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  • Yulla Le~ Fab


    November 7, 2017 by Yulla Le~ Fab

    things have been kinda quiet lately,

    kinda sad.

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  • RiamuBakaBaka

    Hello, This is a little JSON Challenge for you if you'd like to participate.. Here are the rules. (If you record it for YT send me the video, I'd love to see how you play)

    1. You May not aim a camera at the rival(s)
    2. You May not talk to the rival
    3. You May not use any cheats of ANY kind
    4. You May not use the magical-turtle 5. You may not giggle to attract the rival's attention and draw her awayFinally, After 10 Apprehensions/Game-Over, you have offically lost but can use cheats and play normally.

    You can spawn One Saki-Mind Slave for a free rival kill.
    You may speed up time with the half-hour cheat once class has started (Going to Class may glitch) ~How~Open "Custom Rival Challenge" in one File Window, And in another, Goto Downlo…

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  • AoTheFangirl

    An Apology

    November 5, 2017 by AoTheFangirl

    What I did a year back was stupid. I was suicidal, but I don't think that justified what I did. I was stressed, so stressed, and I should have stopped when it got serious. 

    Most of the users who knew me are gone; so why am I posting this? Good question. I'm not coming back or anything. I just wanted to say I've grown since then. I'm more mature and I hope you can forgive me even if you didn't know me.

    ok bye lol

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  • Yulla Le~ Fab

    So, today i held a fall festivel, it was tiring, still fun but i really want to take a catnap...

    There was lots of food and games, i quite enjoyed it

    Happy to be back home though..

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  • YanFan4Life

    Outdated vs Updated!!

    November 5, 2017 by YanFan4Life


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  • YanFan4Life

    I can make portraits now! Here are a couple as random demonstrations!

    Don't worry! I can make

    male portraits too. And I don't need to be credited, i'm just here for making portraits. It's a ask and serve system!

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  • Yulla Le~ Fab

    Don't mind this:

    November 3, 2017 by Yulla Le~ Fab
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  • Yulla Le~ Fab

    But that doesn't mean i can't post random stuff here...

    So since it's past halloween, what did you do? did you go out and get candy?

    Or stay home and play games like me ^^

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  • VampireGamer

    I was gonna check some OC pages of people and all of a sudden, i saw people adding music...I am the one who doesn't know to add musics to the OC page :( If you have an issue about this, please let me know. Idk how to add musics to the OC page... :(

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  • NormalBitterness

    Everyone will go by their first name from this point.

    Ayano : No time, Im already late!

    -Ayano switches to the Skimpy Sexy Panties-

    -Ayano bikes to school.-

    Osana : Alright Baka, you may have came here earlier than me, but that was only because of me!

    Ayano : Spoiled. -She places the lewd letter in Senpai's Lockers-

    Senpai : Then let's stop walking together. It's simple.


    Senpai : Okay.. but this is the last time...

    -Senpai opens his locker-

    Senpai : Huh? A note?

    Osana : Open it baka!

    -Senpai reads the note-

    Senpai : Umm... If you were trying to be silly... It didn't work. Why send a pantyshot of your Teddybear Panties?

    Osana : Wait, what? That wasn't what I sent you?

    Senpai : There isn't anybody to…

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    Pose Mod & Pose Mode

    October 28, 2017 by STREETSZ

    Pose Mod

    Pose Mod was created by Kgftbz he's first mod known as customization mod have gotten popular so yanderedev saw this mod and he was amazed that someone created a ui with scratch.

    Pose Mod

    Yanderedev recreated pose mod with quite differentdifferent features only you can do is customize, pose bones, animate to get the pose and relocation where you put your victim.

    '''''This is an example pose of yanderedev's pose mode and kgftbz's pose mod                              

    Monsterette's Mod Called Osana Simulator


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  • Sekiranun


    I reached 1000 edits.

    omg guys this means i have 6 subscribers on youtube!

    please sub me

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  • TheYandereRedpanda


    October 28, 2017 by TheYandereRedpanda

    Sooo, I was thinking since my pages I have are so messy, I kinda wanna get rid of them all and try again. I'm sorta unsure whether I want to or not, though. So… yeah.

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  • NormalBitterness

    Yandere-Chan : *Wakes up* Ahh... what a great morning... TIme to open my Senpai Shrine...

    Yandere-Chan : Beautiful Senpai... When will you ever notice me... I forgot, I need to change my panties for today.

    -Yandere-Chan picks the Teddy Bear panties-

    Yandere-Chan : Time for school!

    -While Biking to School, Info-Chan interrupts her on the phone-

    Info-Chan : I saw you stalking an upperclass-man a week ago.

    Yandere-Chan : So? I heard you take pantyshots and give them to boys. Thats way worse than stalking.

    Info-Chan : Yes, but I came to tell you that a girl in your class named Osana Najimi likes Senpai too. You have a week to eliminate her.

    Yandere-Chan : No-one... Will... Steal... My... Senpai...

    -Yandere Chan spots Osana with Senpai-

    Osana : Ugh, you'…

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  • VampireGamer


    October 26, 2017 by VampireGamer

    Hi. I'm just a new user here -.-

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  • AndreaLove1357

    Request Your Oc!

    October 26, 2017 by AndreaLove1357

    1. Click the link to my YouTube Channel:

    2. Click Videos

    3.Comment on a video that has a title like Yandere Simulator OC Request (It does not matters if it has a number like #1)

    1. Hair Color:

    2. Eye Color:

    3. HairStyle: (For Example : Sakyu Basu Hair)

    4. Accessory: (Optional) (Send Me A Picture Of The Accessory)

    5. Blush: Yes or No

    Just send me a picture of your oc BUT you still need to comment...

    Accessory: (Send Me A Picture Of The Accessory)

    HairStyle: (Tell me whose character hairstyle)

    Blush: Yes or No

    • WARNING: I only do female ocs, I havent learned how to make males YET.
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  • Fuhuhuhuhu


    October 26, 2017 by Fuhuhuhuhu
    • needs to get more OCs done but is too lazy*
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  • Bell´Dan

    Yeah Hi. I'm Leaving

    October 21, 2017 by Bell´Dan

    So i'm gonna leave this Shit

    YanSim is Shitty.

    I don'T really care about this Game anymore

    i'm more in UTAU #FollowME

    Sooooooooo Bye

    Please Ask me Per Meassage Wall or On DM on Discord

    Claim Maximum is 2 or 3

    • Kim-Choe Sagong
    • Kyuichi Komatsuzaki (Claimed by Copper)
    • Enryo Rokuwana (Claimed by Sayu)
    • Souta Shirahama
    • Giovanni Parisi (Claimed by Horoshi)
    • May Aoi
    • Sezuna Imasu (Claimed by Sayu)
    • Ayama Sato (Claimed by Sayu)
    • Ejimu Reiji
    • Hoshi Ando Claimed
    • Kazuha Mao
    • Masahiro Domoto
    • Osachi Suzuki (Claimed by Horoshi)
    • Sai Ren (Claimed by Horoshi)
    • Ryu Kumayashi (Claimed by Pistachio)
    • Kodoma Akedemi Claimed
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  • Pumpkinhero2

    My Comeback!

    October 21, 2017 by Pumpkinhero2

    Hey everyone! Missed me? Probably not, since I was very harsh on my leaving post. And I'm sorry about that, hope y'all can forgive me. Anyway, y'all may be asking: "Pumpkin, why would you ever come back you said this wiki was trash!" And ya... I decided to check up on the wiki a month ago and I was writing a post like this one saying I'm back! I had second thoughts about coming back though. But Today is the day I finally come back with you all! :)

    I came back for some reasons:

    1. I miss you guys!

    2. I miss making pages and stuff for my OCs.

    3. I'm going to start making some more OCs, since most of my old ones didn't make sense what so ever.

    I hope to see you around here! Hope you guys are excited to see what OCs I create next! :) 

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  • Avnore


    October 21, 2017 by Avnore

    hi guys im new

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  • Gore Giovanni


    October 17, 2017 by Gore Giovanni

    Oh! my widdle... toesies! my widdle toesies!!! *wiggles toes* uwu

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  • Keyoko

    Fun Questions for Your OC!

    October 16, 2017 by Keyoko

    Hello, everyone!

    I'm sure that most people on this wiki are familiar with the 100 Questions. If you're not familiar with them, then you should use them for your OC! They're quite useful. The link is just below.


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  • Mystiwaii

    yes i know it's early 

    oc form

    OC name:

    OC picture (transparent please!):

    OC pun:


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  • TheYandereRedpanda
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    time to procrastinate cause it's my birthday

    i want a present

    also this is another of my shitty kisekae remakes blogs

    just like

    give me an image of your oc that you made in kisekae or some shit

    and a code of that oc

    and i make it in my shitty style

    badabing badaboom

    probably gonna be delayed cause school is a bitch

    also you arent getting a request if you dont tell me happy birthday and your favorite car from cars 1 through 3

    ill accept 1 from each person, maybe two

    here is my kisekae style bye 

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  • CopperisticCreativity

    Alright so I decided to give away portraits, mainly because the portraits are sitting in my folder so long. This is inspired from Sayuori's giving away portraits, btw. Oh and, the portraits will have watermark on them.  

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