• LapisLazuliAndPeridlt

    Ok so i won't be active for a very long time so because i trust her im putting Tsurime of my Fanon and OC's because of the following reasons but i'll at least try to be active after 6:00 starting August 27 and only being online for 3 hours so here are the reasons of my inactivity

    Ill be going into 5th grade this year and possibly being a co-clubleader for the Anime Lovers club and making new friends and calling Kevin a clod and being upset Marissa is in a diffrent recess group but at least im with Giada

    So starting Monday i need to be asleep at 10:00 and wake up at 7:40 and on the 27 leave the house at 8:05 but im spending my time today and some of tommorow on the wiki playing gacha verse and back to school shopping

    Basically just the users i…

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  • MercifulCheese

    Discord Code

    August 18, 2018 by MercifulCheese

    Discord crashes my pc but they haven't posted the link for phone - Can someone in the discord give me a code?

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  • Sukiloveskirito

    Another question

    August 16, 2018 by Sukiloveskirito

    I read that you can have 3 accounts, so I just want to be sure if I can make another one

    (and sorry if I posted in the wrong place again)

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  • Sukiloveskirito


    August 16, 2018 by Sukiloveskirito

    (Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, I don't know where to or if I should because I haven't been on here in a long time.)

    So I am unblocked? Just confused and making sure this wasnt a mistake.

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  • ThatMarsGuy

    Title explains it all lmao.

    • You can use stuff from the Useful Port Stuff Page.
      • You can create ur own stuff too.
    • You can use old portraits.
    • This is based on Creativity and Quality.
    • You can skip a round if necesary, but you have to notify me.
    • There will be like, 4 or 5 rounds idk.

    • Copper.
    • Mon.
    • Tori.
    • Idk
    • Ur Mom

    • 3 Portraits, 3 Drawings, a surprise (not like i havent think about it yet).

    • 2 Portraits, 1 Drawing

    • 1 Portrait, 1 Drawing

    Idk homeboi

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  • BubbleTears

    eyy so this isnt like, a trading post or anything (but hey if you want to trade something feel free)

    just the good ol ask for it and you'll get it if you arent a mega dickbag

    this is something ill update whenever i make shit and i dont want it instead of making like, 40 blog posts for the same thing like i'd do in the past, so if you don't see anything you like, maybe wait a bit!

    also i love tabber

    • no more than three at a time, please. please allow a short amount of time (idk like, 2 weeks since this'll be a sorta permanent thing) pass between adopting stuff
    • please try to use them sometime!! its totally okay if you dont use them right away, i left this dude alone for like, a year before actually doing anything with him so it'd be hypocritical o…

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  • Baka-ChanYT

    my horrible portraits!

    August 13, 2018 by Baka-ChanYT

    this is one of my horrible portaits I'm gonna try to get better! comment if you want one I'm making some oc's but the one bellow is my amai portait I'm not using it but if you wanna please ask me!

    sorry that is so bad but I tried if used PLEASE credit me by using my Fanon Wiki Name Baka~ChanYT

    OC's BELLOW!

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  • JeodonGray

    In case you did not notice, I'm actually inactive for around a month, until September 14, 2018. Here are the reasons listed below.

    School starts very shortly and I need to focus more time on it, so an inactivity notice of around a month is very much needed. Also, mind the fact that I need to get used to school as well, this year is very different, I'm in my final year of Middle School, and next year, I'll actually be in high school.

    Lately, I've been suffering from insomnia, it's been very harsh on me for a while now, I've also been shivering even though I'm not cold, that's another reason why I'm going to be inactive.

    In case you're a blind rat, check here to read about a demotion thread. I'm actually playing with time, the less I look at it…

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    hey im bored and i was like "hey why not make peoples ocs in the sims 4 because that game is perhaps my jam" so here i am

    if you even would like to accept my shitty offer and sell your ocs soul off to me, just send a kisekae or a detailed image or desription and ill probably make them or drown them idk it depends

    i don't have any examples right now let me go take a screennshot ahem

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  • ThatMarsGuy

    Copper is rood

    August 10, 2018 by ThatMarsGuy

    Everybody now (mmh)

    Time to show the whole world what were all about were the girls with a passion for fashion
    Ooh bratz we'll always be there for each other
    Ooh bratz (yeah)
    Stylin how we feel
    (Ooh yeah)
    Talkin about best friends
    Together we can do anything
    Gotta plan your dream, take a chance and believe, make it real
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  • ThatMarsGuy

    My creation

    August 7, 2018 by ThatMarsGuy

    Today was a nice day playing Roblox

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  • LapisLazuliAndPeridlt
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  • EmbersxFlames


    August 6, 2018 by EmbersxFlames

    Sayuri's portrait should be done soon, I just have some small things left to do.

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  • ThatMarsGuy

    So yeah, this is original, decided to create a portrait trade, still a WIP tho.

    • If you want or i want the port back, that ain't possible boy
    • Dont give me like, a paint portrait in exchange for this
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  • ThatMarsGuy

    Exposing my dad

    August 5, 2018 by ThatMarsGuy

    He bought himself roller skates from "Soy Luna"

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  • MonMonPok

    OC Trading

    August 4, 2018 by MonMonPok

    (Idea totally not stolen from Tsurime, and anyone who says otherwise is a fuckin' liar--) Hello!! As the title suggests, I am here w/ a totally original blog post idea created by me, an OC trading post ^^ I'm a sucker for new OCs, since they're always fun to work w/ and shit, but I do occassionally get bored of a few of them, leading to this!  I usually accept nearly all OCs, but, a few exclusions are: Adult characters, although, depending on who they are, I may change my mind, as well as characters that are simply far too similar to characters I already own, which I'll clearly point out if needed ^^ Down below, I'll post the characters I'm willing to give away. To trade, just comment down below w/ the character you're willing to trade for…

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  • ThatMarsGuy

    Akemi is lonely AF

    August 2, 2018 by ThatMarsGuy

    So yeah, i need a girl for Akemi, post ur candidates down bellow, or something;

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  • Ganbaruuby


    August 2, 2018 by Ganbaruuby

    i had a dream where the yandere simulator wikia said that umeji had no eyebrows

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  • Tsurime

    Trade OCs with me!

    August 1, 2018 by Tsurime

    Hewwo, there are a few OCs I've adopted a while back who I just don't have any ideas for. I don't think I can really work with them but I'm greedy so I don't want to completely give them away. I love expanding on an existing character the most, and so I will be accepting trades for these characters!

    I'm not too picky but I have one requirement: The character must be female. My fanon takes place in an all-girls school and there are very few male characters in the story. I might accept like one male if I really really like them but they'd be a minor character only.

    Alright so let's continue!! To offer a trade, please just link any character you'd be willing to trade in the comments, specify which OC you want and then if I accept I'll remove the …

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  • KunIzumi

    Portrait Requests!

    July 30, 2018 by KunIzumi

    Welcome to my blog post, I just want to say thank you for reading, and please, tell me if you think there's something wrong with my Blog! Thanks!

    Please note, these are the basic rules

    1. You can claim the portraits, just don't say that you " Made " it.
    2. Don't spam me, with the same requests
    3. I would like respect, and to be treated like a human being
    4. If I don't respond to your request, I might be away, or have went to bed.. but don't worry! I will work my way to your request!

    1. No Disrespect in chat
    2. No homophobia
    3. No sexist remarks
    4. Don't spam the chat

    Please fill copy the next text, and edit it in your comments for who you'd like your character to look like: () Gender: () Hair style: () Accesories: () Background: () Eyes: () CustomUniform Colors?: ( Choose …

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  • Baka-ChanYT

    My Mods!

    July 30, 2018 by Baka-ChanYT

    Hello, my name is Baka-Chan and im creating a mod right at this moment the name of the mod is "Saiki academy" (if you have any other good names please let me know!)

    and I need help! if you would like you to help you scan the list of stuff I need is below this page WILL be updated once I have the first beta version of Saiki Acadamy ready for the public but it need work still and so if you wanna keep reading to find out what I need help with!

    List of stuff I need!

    1. Portraits

    2. custom schedules 


    you can email me at my email 

    if you have any questions!

    if you wanna help with other stuff you can and also if you need help with anything i can…

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  • CopperisticCreativity

    I want to try this one, too. Just give me your OC's page link or info and I'll give constructive criticism to them either in your DMs or on the page. 

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  • CopperisticCreativity

    yes hi down below there are my upcoming ocs oh and also

    the ocs inspired after trum trum are going to be mostly half joke ocs and half serious ocs (their names might be google translated since afterall they're not 100% serious ocs).

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  • ThatMarsGuy

    Keep in mind that some of this are (G)old and ugly so yeah.

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  • Shiro1232

    Portrait Requests!

    July 23, 2018 by Shiro1232

    Hey guys so i'm doing portrait requests Here's some Exemples:

    You have to tell their Appreance And i'll do it!.

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  • ToriChanNya


    Ok, today I'll be doing portrait requests, since I got into it a few days ago.

    I have four portrait bases and four hair examples, to show what requests could be close to. If you want, you may choose a may from below for one of you're requests.

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  • CopperisticCreativity

    boombayah it is i the cu who gives old scrapped ocs and portraits to others xdd

    im pretty sure ive deleted their pages, so, feel free to ask me if you want them restored

    im gonna miss them but i wont use them so--- 

    you can claim like less than 6

    btw im sorry that ive watermarked some ports, i dont have them unwatermarked.

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  • KajiroAnimations

    Hello, and welcome to the first kisekae collab, the reasons why I open this because I don't have the actual portraits of them, so that's why I open the collab for people who used kisekae, anyway, please remember to read the rules before you ask to join the collab

    Rule #1 - Please choose 1 to 3 characters

    Rule #2 - Please make their human form skin color in multicultral

    Rule #3 - Please don't choose when someone else choose, please choose something else

    Rule #4 - Don't send a butthurt coment when I turn the kisekae avatars into in-game portraits

    Rule #5 - Some Mix-Ventures has cat ears, so no need to add them, if you want to that's fine

    Rule #6 - No NSFW content

    Rule #7 - Please send them on my message wallinstead after you ask what character you …

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  • Vincent van Nogh

    i am clearly the most active memeber on this wiki i deserve the senior role on the server

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  • Demonic BB


    July 20, 2018 by Demonic BB

    Heyo, Demonic BB here after what seems like a century. I'm alive! And so it seems is this wiki!

    Thought I'd give a wee update on what I've been up to.

    • I've been helping a different fanon wiki grow for a year now.
    • I've done college.
    • I'm officially 19!
    • I have a boyfriend and he's awesome!

    So, what has everyone been up to?

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    i'm clearing out this shitty computer so beep beep i'm just chucking everything i dont use anymore. just a disclaimer, like, three of the kisekaes have hair that i didn't make and i can not find the owners anymore. so, like, i don't own the hairs for some of them and if you know the owners, tell me. blah blah blah credit to owners blah blah blah credit me blah blah blah bamboozled

    so yeah,credit to all the orginal owners of the portraits parts and kisekae hairs

    you can claim like three


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  • Konanoki


    July 19, 2018 by Konanoki

    You may have heard of igor who is pratically infamous here but after a few years i'm back

    no worries i won't do overly nsfw shit on this wiki, only on areas where its okay!!

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  • KajiroAnimations

    STATUS: Open

    Deadline: Nah


    So guys, i just open a first portrait request before I open a portrait collab, anyway

    Kisekae In-Game Portrait Request Is Now Officially Open, Here Is The Example For The Request

    OC Name(s): Put an OC name here

    Photo: Please put some photos here so I can know the haorstyles and the haircolors

    Transparent or Original: Choose wisely

    Gender(s): # of Male and # of Female

    Username: Put in your username please

    • Please request just once, you can ask anothe one when other request is open
    • Please be patient
    • Don't ask to do other users OCs
    • If you ask me to do canon characters in your fanon, that's fine, but not the original version please
    • Don't ask something that is original, because will make this request box kid-freindly

    None Yet

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  • Tsurime

    Ok so hi, I made this challenge on another site a couple of years ago and I just remembered that today and thought that YSFW might have fun with it?

    Basically, you're supposed to fill out a HUUUGE character sheet for any one of your OCs. It's meant to be for fun and to discover more things about your character. It could give you some ideas for them too. A couple of guidelines, though:

    1. This does NOT go on your character's main page! It can go on a subpage, but lists on main pages are against Quality Standards.
      1. Please remember, this is not the way wiki pages should normally be set up!!
    2. The challenge is usually better if you don't remove any questions from it, but that's your decision.
    3. Just put "N/A" for whatever doesn't apply to your character! L…
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  • Yandere6Kun

    New Name

    July 13, 2018 by Yandere6Kun

    Just so people are aware but im KizanaKun and i changed my username To Yandere6Kun i wanted to make this post just so people know.

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  • Poudretteite The Aristocrat


    July 11, 2018 by Poudretteite The Aristocrat
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  • Nugget.exe

    So, I'm making a mod, crappy, terrible, "it's-summer-and-I'm-bored-as-fuck" mod.

    But I wanna put as much love and work into it as possible. And what I need is some people who are open to:

    - Being put in my mod for giving me a hand

    - early-access to my weird mod

    - Hand-picking what goes into the mod

    - Being Beta-testers

    - And open for a fun, weird, and silly experience. 

    All you have to do is give me opinions, help out (if you want tbh), test out skins, json files, and not be a fuck-stick. 

    The mod is about being weird, happy, and having your diffrences. And the best part? YOU, yes, YOU get to pick what goes into it. 

    And your first choice is the name of this mod. 

    So join the server, type into the chat Nuggetss, and you'll be a beta tester. 


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  • LovelyDay7890

    How dare you delete my oc who did that will pay...>:C

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  • Left 2 Steam


    You can ask me to make any oc's for you on this blog

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  • Fandomtrash56

    OK, so for the 100th time I promised to update my OC's (which I haven't yet done) because when I try to edit my pages, it just doesn't stop loading. I've tried refreshing the page, leaving it for a couple of minutes, everything but it just doesn't work. Is it because of my internet? has anyone had/has this problem? 

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  • LapisLazuliAndPeridlt

    Im doing drawings cuz im a artist 

    Ex of my work

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  • RodedRon


    Also, I have: Finished the work with cyan sisters. Finished main character. Updated script. (Maked new one) Added some decorations. Fixed problem with cyan sisters (lunch time, older didter is standing and younger sister is eating on nothing - FIXED)

    Now I need (To-Do List): Make 4 rivals untill 29.06.2018. Make some dutys. Make uniform designg.

    Also. Need to update Students

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  • KajiroAnimations

    So guys, I was thinking about opening a collab about my Mixels OCs, but I human, if you don't know who they are, the link to a journal is right here (don't insult them please), and don't forget to look through the rules before you asked to join the collab, which it will open tomorrow at 12:00pm or late

    • You will not put a butthurt comment about this collab
    • Don't force me to cancel the collab
    • You can only pink 1, 2 orr 3 characters to male
    • Hate arts are forbidden
    • Only users with Paint Tool SAI will join the collab
    • Don't start drama
    • No inappropriate comments
    • The uniform for the portraits will be the second one, but don't recolor it
    • Don't be rude over em

    Any rules that are broken will not be accepted to the collab, the collab will open at 12:00pm or lat…

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  • ToriChanNya

    Kisekae Requests

    June 25, 2018 by ToriChanNya


    So I've been seeing a lot of users/people lately doing Portrait requests. But i haven't see anyone doing any kisekae requests so, why not? I like doing requests, it's fun to make a different version of stuff. Enter a link of you're OC below.

    Here are some examples, to show you what you're request may be close to.

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  • BonnieChanPro96

    Hi! My name is bonnie and you can ask ANY texture in this blog! I am accually not here always... but ask anything you want! You can also ask pose mod commands if you want to!

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    school ends on Thursday and I swear I’ll be more active then just please stop nagging me via my discord dms sorry this is so shutting writren it’s 2 am and I’m on my phone instead of sleeping

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  • ThatMarsGuy

    Portrait Requests

    June 21, 2018 by ThatMarsGuy

    This is akward considering that Copper is doing the same thing at the same time, but oh well;

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  • Stylishbelly86

    If you go to your profile then hover over your profile picture then move your cursor to the "Edit Avatar" with the pencil and there is a gui that comes up saying "Upload An Avatar" and when you click that your file manager or whatever comes up and you click on a picture then the file manager closes and shows a preview and after you see what it looks like you press "Save, I'm Done" if you like itor "Cancel" if you dont like it.

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  • Fandomtrash56


    June 17, 2018 by Fandomtrash56

    Hello everyone and as you see I haven't updated when I said that I was supposed too...the reason is, I just feel like I'm just making up excuses for my absence, even though the 'excuses' are real things that are happening. 

    I'm currently in a very dark place right now, so with stress, mental health issues, and a recent break-up, everything has just got worse over the course of a few weeks, so  I might take some time off to work on my mental health and my overall life, although you might see me here and there updating a page or commenting on another, I doubt you really will.

    Hope you all understand- Fandomtrash56

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