• Gore Giovanni


    October 17, 2017 by Gore Giovanni

    Oh! my widdle... toesies! my widdle toesies!!! *wiggles toes* uwu

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  • Keyoko

    Fun Questions for Your OC!

    October 16, 2017 by Keyoko

    Hello, everyone!

    I'm sure that most people on this wiki are familiar with the 100 Questions. If you're not familiar with them, then you should use them for your OC! They're quite useful. The link is just below.


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  • Mystiwaii

    yes i know it's early 

    oc form

    OC name:

    OC picture (transparent please!):

    OC pun:


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  • TheYandereRedpanda
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    time to procrastinate cause it's my birthday

    i want a present

    also this is another of my shitty kisekae remakes blogs

    just like

    give me an image of your oc that you made in kisekae or some shit

    and a code of that oc

    and i make it in my shitty style

    badabing badaboom

    probably gonna be delayed cause school is a bitch

    also you arent getting a request if you dont tell me happy birthday and your favorite car from cars 1 through 3

    ill accept 1 from each person, maybe two

    here is my kisekae style bye 

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  • CopperisticCreativity

    Alright so I decided to give away portraits, mainly because the portraits are sitting in my folder so long. This is inspired from Sayuori's giving away portraits, btw. Oh and, the portraits will have watermark on them.  

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  • TheYandereRedpanda

    I messed up how I'm gonna do the tutorial so I'm gonna record a video for it.

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  • SirVicksALot

    Note: This blog post may contain a degree of salt towards certain users. I don't mean to call any of you out, and I will not mention any names, but I still want to get my point and opinion on this situation across. Apologies if you were one of the users involved in this incident and I make a reference to something you did.

    So, you might have noticed the Discord server for this wiki. Why would I have done that? A whole shitstorm of drama occurred after I simply asked someone politely to not mention a certain topic that is actually triggering to me. Yes, I am actually triggered by this topic unlike dumb edgy kids on Tumblr who say they're triggered by pineapples and no, I'm not one of those dumb edgy kids on Reddit(?) who make jokes out of tr…

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  • RiamuBakaBaka

    Hello, I'd like to tell you guys a little story, I don't pay attention to the quality standards or what not so i doubt this thread or post will stay long. Lets Begin.

    I joined the Yandere Fandom Wiki about 7 months ago as a (Legitimate) JSON Modder trying to make my own students for Yandere Simulator/LoveSick. I only followed the JSON MODDING Page and never really paid any attention to anyone (Not trying to sound like the cliche overused lonely quiet boy with no friends type) but recently I saw the page on some mod I already forgot her name reaching her breaking point. I was concerned because I knew this mod, from like 3 messages but we had a special bond (lol no) Anyways I want to get involved and stuff so lol hi

    lol that wasnt the story th…

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  • IIfrighteniingII

    Kisekae Ratings!!

    October 10, 2017 by IIfrighteniingII

    I'm sorta bored (and I wanna procrastinate from drawing adopts) so I wanna rate kisekaes!!

    I'll be rating with the following criteria:


    Color Schemes




    I'll also do my best to give suggestions and ways to improve!!

    NOTE: I'm just a random user, so take my critiques and ratings with a grain of salt. 

    I'll try not to sugar coat these too much, but at the same time I'm gonna try not to be rude!!

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  • Sekiranun

    Wow everyone gets rants blogs and get like 5 comments and when I want to normally rant blog I'm scared I'll be bandwagoning and that it'll be another sekira says offensive things and fucking ruins everyons day

    No one really listens to me when I have suggestions so sometimes Ii'm scared I'm bothering my (only) friend too much

    I wish I stopped not liking people for no reason even though I don't know them

    I wish I was able to talk

    i wish there wasn't drama over a pointless things

    i just want a friend

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  • Sekiranun

    leaving for attention

    October 9, 2017 by Sekiranun

    ((this is not an insult and just a joke))

    hello . i have decided to leave . i will rant about every user .

    i hate u all im nEVER COMING BACK !!

    ~~the next day~~

    hi guys im back

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  • CopperisticCreativity

    This blog post is about the fact that I’m sick of being treated unfairly by some users. Let me speak before y’all going to jump on me like I killed your parents. I wanted to post this yesterday but I got distracted by other shit and ye. I'm starting to say what's on my mind.

    I am sick of the fact that some people are STILL hating me on that Mixel incident. Yet again. I didn’t apologize at that time because ONCE FUCKING AGAIN at first I thought that apologies would be useless and instead of apologizing I perhaps should try to stop calling out Mixel. I also admit my mistake on not apologizing sooner…

    2.    Other staff members have talked shit about others, I did it, too, but, I was the only person whose actions were leaked. I was the only staff …

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  • KorniiJoke

    November 15th Build

    October 8, 2017 by KorniiJoke

    Can someone please give me a trustable download of the november 15th, 2015 build?

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    a serious blog

    October 8, 2017 by PISTACHIOLORD

    So number 1, this isn't me calling anyone out of leaving it's just getting some stuff out since I know I'll most likely get ignored in the rant channel on the discord.

    I don't even know why, but I like legit want to stab myself. And it's bad. I just kinda sorta want to just die and I need someone to talk to. I need someone to pour my heart and soul out to. I've told my best irl friend but i feel like she might get annoyed if I continue saying these things to her. I don't know why but I'm feeling super down lately. Like at this point I feel like everyone just has a distaste towards me and I'm not doing anything to help. I'm trying, I swear to god but I'm not sure. Honestly, I'm nto sure if I'm being angsty or some shit or I'm like legit depr…

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  • TheYandereRedpanda

    Hi it's obvious I've changed my portrait making style a lot so I was wondering if anyone would like a tutorial?

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu

    Just To Let You Know

    October 7, 2017 by Fuhuhuhuhu
    1. I don't care if you say that you don't have to ask me to claim something. Even if it says that you don't need to ask I will still ask just to confirm it. (I'll add more)
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  • KawaiCats

    So I im leaving this fandom ( I may comeback one day) , So I just wanted to tell everyone that was with me when I was really active a big thanks for tolerating me, being friendly and bieng my friends. When I came to this wiki I felt lonely and sad and this wiki made me feel that I was a part of something important so a really big thanks to: ( I hope everyone I name is still here And I giving my ocs but not especifit becuase Idk who stills here unless I see that u are here.)

    The fun game: you inspired me to create ocs and you were with me.An also if you are still in the wiki take some of my ocs plis

    Blue : I want to be honest you isnpired me to even do mods, the first mod I play was one of your and also you were relly nice with me. you too ta…

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  • GreenSister

    This place....

    October 3, 2017 by GreenSister





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  • Gwen Heavenly


    October 3, 2017 by Gwen Heavenly

    I'm new here. I just wanted to say hi! and this website's format is confusing me. What is this for anyway?

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  • SirVicksALot

    Notice VI

    October 1, 2017 by SirVicksALot

    Ah, having a life has come to me once more. Anyway, from tomorrow-Tuesday (October 2nd-3rd) I will be away because I'll be going to a camp for school, so I won't be able to be online tomorrow night or the following morning, and likely not that night either because I'll likely be very tired and not in the mood to do much. That is all for now!!

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  • Fuhuhuhuhu

    Sakiura Akino (brown hair)

    3rd Year

    Gardening Club


    Really outgoing, but reverts back to shy when near her crush. She can be dark at times, and when you become friends, you can take the corpses to her, and she'll make plant food out of them. She is afraid of spiders, ghosts, witches, zombies, demons, angels, and the dark.

    A bit underweight

    Pansexual Panromantic

    Crush on Gem Uraifu

    Favorite Song:


    "I need the circle saw, and I can't get it for reasons. Can you?" (Task)

    "Thank you so much for this." (Accepting her task)

    "Honestly not what I was expecting, but I respect your desicion." (Denying her task)

    "Thank you. I'm going to go get sme roses so that I can talk to my crush. Seeya!" (Completing her task)

    "Well, …

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  • SpookieSushi


    September 30, 2017 by SpookieSushi

    hi ok so my computer broke so i wont be all too active that is all carry on

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  • Tea Ma'am

    Kisekae Contest! Once again

    September 30, 2017 by Tea Ma'am

    So, I wanted to make a kisekae contest just for fun.

    The first project with be is to make TaRo and OsAnA arguing.  The due date is on next Friday, but I will accept early submissions.

    There will be five rounds. (If that's not how you say it then you know what I mean)

    I will choose first, second, and third place for the best one.

    • No plagiarism (even thought I doubt any of you would do that)
    • Please atually try on your kisekae art
    • And I hope you have fun

    1st place!!! goes to...

    2nd place!! goes to...

    3rd place! goes to...

    The deadline might be delayed because of things going on in my life.

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  • RattingFaze
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  • Mystiwaii

    jumpinh on a dead bandwagon

    September 27, 2017 by Mystiwaii

    what's your opinion on me?

    i'm a reviver.

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  • Oreo Senpai
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  • CrabbyMeal

    Taking a Temporary Leave

    September 23, 2017 by CrabbyMeal

    I know I've already said that I'd be leaving the wiki for a while on Discord, however, there are still some things I should clarify somewhere where everything won't be buried in thousands of messages.

    Don't worry, I won't be doing a "THIS WIKI IS PLATINUM SHIT AND ITS STAFF SHOULD KILL THEMSELVES" type of rant. I'll just be listing some of the stuff which has lead me to making this decison:

    1. Not paying enough attention to my real life matters and spending too much time on the wiki - pretty self-explanatory. I have exams on my nose and I need to study German, yet I'm just sitting there, doing another major page revamp.
    2. Completely losing interest in Yandere Simulator - let's face it: the whole YS fandom is dying with YandereDev not doing anyting …

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    - - - - -

    September 22, 2017 by THELEGENDGIANTDAD
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  • Sekiranun

    how to make friends

    September 21, 2017 by Sekiranun

    Are you fucking LONELY?

    Do you need friends?

    Don't buy a body pillow, come to me!

    Here's my step by step guide to making friends!

    STEP 1: Kick them in- i mean

    STEP 1: Be nice!

    STEP 2: Compliment them!

    STEP 3: Ask to be friends!

    If they say yes, you've made friends!

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  • RattingFaze

    My Mod

    September 21, 2017 by RattingFaze

    Deleted for reasons I won't name.

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  • Dandere Dev Jordan


    September 20, 2017 by Dandere Dev Jordan

    Sorry for that time to rude at you people for attacking about shipping.

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  • Avnore

    Circle Icon Requests

    September 20, 2017 by Avnore
    hell yeah

    Yes, this is mandatory! However, you do not have to fill in "Border Color" or "Other Details"; If you leave them blank then I'll just assume that you're leaving it up to me.

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  • Sekiranun

    As the title says, I'm not going to be active on the wiki today, and I might not come on Wednesday or Thursday. I'm just not feeling up to do anything recently and I've been really sad. I'll probably still be on the discord, but I'm currently just not up for the wiki.

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  • Kamiko Takakawa

    Thinking About Leaving

    September 17, 2017 by Kamiko Takakawa

    Okay, first I should just tell you right away,  I'm not planning on leaving because of you guys(In fact I don't really have any issues with anyone). It's more of losing interest. I kind of feel like I'm starting to slowly become more distant from this wikia..cause' well..I don't think I'm as interested in the game as much as I was last year. (I still like the game, but I'm not as obsessed with it anymore..) To be honest, I don't think I did anything useful in this wikia(..unless updating my ocs pages and roleplaying counts..?) so...if I do end up leaving, I'm sure you guys will still be alright. Just to let you know, I'm still thinking about it. So, This means that I may or may not end up leaving. (ahahaha my grammar kinda stinks, so I apo…

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  • .sourcxndii

    Possible Inactivity.

    September 17, 2017 by .sourcxndii

    Sooo...I'm gonna be going inactive again. 

    My personal/school computer broke down and I need a new hard drive and, chances are, I won't be able to recover any of the files on it if I do send it to get repaired.

    I've been trying to boot it up but it never. Fucking. Loads. 

    Please, don't put my OCs up for adoption or delete them, I hope to be back (if I don't get fucking expelled) 

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    September 16, 2017 by PISTACHIOLORD

    All my oc inspiration is dead so I have these kisekaes that I'm too lazy to put in the junkyard so

    I'll put them here. Also I don't seem to be able to add things to the kiseake or oc junkyard for some weird ass reason but eh. So if you want one ask. 

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  • TheFunGame

    I'm doing an OC mod yay woohoo//

    I'm gonna be replacing all canon characters in the mod, and probably adding some more through the unknown slots.

    So just, leave your OC in the comments below,,

    Some more facts:

    Im doing this in unity 4 build so i can replace things easier. and pose mod works.

    also like im using pose mod so, i can use some features from that. 

    alright bye


    Yui, Yuna, Ryusei, and Sora have been taken -9/15/17

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  • .sourcxndii please join im. hosting a roleplay and theres only 2 people

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  • Jacbocford

    Up coming inactivity.

    September 13, 2017 by Jacbocford

    I've felt like I've mentioned this a few times but I feel like I should address the issue

    Update: my step dad told me that the wifi cable to the villa i'm staying at has been cut :))))) everything else works but the one thing i cant live without gets fucking cut

    So on September the 19th I'll be taking a plane to Florida with my family, it was meant to be a surprise birthday thing for me but burning told me after so yea.

    hi yes i'll be inactive for four weeks, however, i don't know if the plane im going on will have wifi, the villa i'm staying at will have wifi, i only know that walmart will have wifi so. but if i have to pay for goddamn wifi you can wish me good luck and hope that i dont fucking die cause i need my wifi or i go fucking insane…

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  • TheFunGame

    I just needed a place to store these guys on the wiki

    Yeah so I made some designs for some upcoming OCs. I'm not really sure if i'll ever give them pages but ;;

    The last two images were made in kisekae. I'll update the blog post in a second to add the credits for the portraits ^^

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    Yeah. School just started so I'm gonna be inactive to probably Thursday this week or possibly Sunday next week just to get used to the schedule and shit

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  • DeadtheNeko

    Favorite Social Butterfly

    September 11, 2017 by DeadtheNeko

    I was bored and wanted to know who was y'all favorite Social Butterflies?

    If i had to chose my favorite(s) out of the ones below.

    Hmmm i would say, 1. Midori, 2. Riku, 3. Kizana.

    Those are my top three. i would say.

    Tell me what y'all think of them?

    • Yuna Hina
    • Koharu Hinata
    • Saki Miyu
    • Kokona Haruka
    • Sota Yuki
    • Hayato Haruki
    • Sora Sosuke
    • Riku Soma
    • Midori Gurin
    • Sakyu Basu
    • Inkyu Basu
    • Masume Ronshaku
    • Kizana Sunobu
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  • CopperisticCreativity


    September 10, 2017 by CopperisticCreativity

    aaaaah heres your crap, disappointment whatever named Copper trying to apologize

    ok so remember that Mixel thing incident when I called him Crap, I said he disgusts me, I said hes an attention w**** right? Im sure you do. 

    The reason why I didn't apologize at first was because at first I thought that apologies would be useless and instead of apologizing I perhaps should try to stop calling out that named user (you all know who)

    And however, I feel bad for calling him out of blue, thanks Flutter for reminding me to apologize. Once again, I apologize and I've realized my mistake. 

    Now it's up to you if you want to give me a second chance or not. I understand if you dont though,, 

    EDIT: Be lucky I apologized!! Later is better than never, though.

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  • Mystiwaii

    uwu im doing requests now .

    im better at girls tho

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  • Candydandy


    September 8, 2017 by Candydandy

    My Students JSON is corrupt somehow, and I checked to make sure if there was a specific student causing the problems. Does anyone know why it's doing this?


    {"ID":"1","Name":"Senpai","Gender":"1","Class":"32","Seat":"15","Club":"0","Persona":"1","Crush":"0","BreastSize":"0","Strength":"0","Hairstyle":"1","Color":"Black","Eyes":"Black","EyeType":"Default","Stockings":"None","Accessory":"0","ScheduleTime":"7_7_8_13.01_13.375_15.5_17.25_99_99","ScheduleDestination":"Spawn_Locker_Hangout_Seat_LunchSpot_Seat_Hangout_Locker_Exit","ScheduleAction":"Stand_Stand_Read_Sit_Eat_Sit_Read_Shoes_Stand","Info":"An average student. \n \n Average grades, average looks, average life... \n \n I'm not sure what you see in him."},

    {"ID":"2","Name":"Akai Suzumoto"…

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  • Tea Ma'am

    Ask Lovely's OC's

    September 7, 2017 by Tea Ma'am

    This is basically you asking my oc's questions. '---')

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  • Flutterbutter


    September 7, 2017 by Flutterbutter

    Recently it has come to my attention that there is a divide on this wiki. A divide between the staff and the user base. A divide that has broken the trust between these two groups. But who should we blame? How can this be fixed? Should it be fixed? Those are questions (along with many more) I myself have been thinking about these past couple of days and here are the conclusions I have come to.

    For starters, this wiki, as a democracy, should force its staff members to work hard and look to the user base for its power for this wiki should (in a way) be based around the principles that a government should be "of the people, for the people and by the people". This means that we the userbase should make up the staff, they should work to benefit …

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  • TalkingYap


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  • Devilpoptart666

    As we all know, the September 1st build Is now out! With that being said, there are lots of new updates and Improvements. One thing Is that the male students now react to the camera. Just like evil chan. There Is now an evil Kun. Just like how evil chan reacts to murder. Evil kun reacts the same way. Some other male students put of the kawaii face, just like the female students do. Kawaii face meaning the smiling with peace sign face. Thee are more male students that react to the camera suck as Budo. Also, another new thing Is that sempai now has new voice lines, I must say, I like the new voice lines better than the old ones. One of the reasons why people didn't like the old voice lines was because they felt as sempai was being being rude…

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