• Marvin98765

    Portrait Request

    May 21, 2018 by Marvin98765
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  • Fandomtrash56

    Hello people, my new laptop has arrived, even though I'm happy, all my oc's and kisekae's are gone. And I have to create them from scratch. Have a good day/night - Fandomtrash56

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  • LilaRedwood

    The ship thing

    May 20, 2018 by LilaRedwood

    Raion rented the classroom after school to help Ruka practice singing, then suddenly a ton of boys came in, they stalked Raion

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  • LilaRedwood


    May 20, 2018 by LilaRedwood

    I have to make ship art of Raion and Ruka... it has to happen!!!

    LilaRedwood (talk) 16:34, May 20, 2018 (UTC) The shipper of OC'S

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  • KajiroAnimations

    So, how do I decided to add Yin and Yang to my fanon you asked, well here, the reasons why i decided to add them to my fanon page because they're are my Mixels OCs as well, if you look at this photo here

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  • DreamcastGirl0101

    eyy im making a live chat who wanna joien

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  • KajiroAnimations

    So i decided to open a request about your Yandere Simulator OCs as Mixels, here are the exmples

    OC Name: Please name 1 or 2 OCs

    Color: The Color Of Mixels Skins Has To Be A Same Color As A Hair Color

    Type Of Eye Lids: Normal or Vampire

    Gender: Choose A Gender

    DeviantArt Username: If You Have A DevuantArt Account, You Will Be Mentioned On DeviantArt

    None Yet

    NOTE: The Reasons Why I Opened This Request Because I Like Mixels

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  • Kittygirl12

    im alive yeet

    never written a blog post before

    anyway i haven't touched this wiki for ages

    pls ignore all my old comments if i said something stupid, i'm a lot more mature now and not as childish and stupid

    anyway im back

    who missed me



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  • SirVicksALot

    See You Around

    May 9, 2018 by SirVicksALot

    As the title of this blog suggests, I'm leaving. I don't want this to be like the typical "Fuck this wiki, fuck you all, I'm gone." blog post, so I'll refrain from being negative. Instead, I'm going to focus on the positives after I'm done explaining why I'm leaving.

    There are a couple main reasons as to why I'm leaving. The first one being that I just no longer enjoy this place like I used to. I had so much fun in here when I first joined. The people here were great and this place was very much thriving. But ever since the incident when char roleplaying got banned, the wiki hasn't been the same and I've started drifting more and more. On top of this, administrating just feels like a chore I don't do anymore. I was excited to be a staff mem…

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  • GreenSister

    I'm doing a Yandere Simulator inspired game, I am using it with Scratch Offline Editor 2.0.

    If you think i can pull it off, give me suggestions, or if you have sprites, contact me asap.

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  • KajiroAnimations

    So I Have A Page Idea, I decided to make a idea for my Fanon

    Title: KajiroAnimation Fanon

    Parts: 2 (One fore my OCs and Canon Characters, plus my Persona and Mix-ventures in human, and the other one for Background Students)

    1. Ayano x Budo
    2. Taro x Osana
    3. Amai x Suitor
    4. Kizana x Suitor
    5. Oka x Shin
    6. Asu x Suitor
    7. Muja x Suitor
    8. Mida x Suitor
    9. Osoro x Suitor
    10. Hanako x Suitor
    11. Megami x Hirokazu
    12. Osano x Okiku
    13. Amao x Emiko
    14. Kizano x Katsumi
    15. Oko x Edmiri
    16. Aso x Isako
    17. Mujo x Suitor
    18. Mido x Suitor
    19. Osoro (Male) x Mayu
    20. Hanako (Male) x Maiko
    21. Megamo x Hidako
    22. Yui x Haruto
    23. Yuna x Sota
    24. Koharu x Hayato
    25. Mei x Ryusei
    26. Saki x Sora
    27. Kokona x Riku
    28. Kannon x Kaoru
    29. Naoki x Omitsu
    30. Fujioka x Imai
    31. Atsumori x Yoko
    32. Ayaka x Katsuyoshi
    33. Hikosaburo x Usagi
    34. Shoko x Sei
    35. Sugita x Yoriko
    36. Yui x Yushiro
    37. Mio x Toyoharu
    38. Ritsu x Ken
    39. Tsumu …

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  • KajiroAnimations

    Here are some portraits that I calimed from the junkyard

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  • KajiroAnimations

    Hello Guys, this is Kajiro-Anmations, and I will show you guys my Yandere Simulator OCs for my fanon page in the future, here they are

    Credits to Avenor and CrabbyMeal for the base and credites goes to any users who makes hairstyles

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  • KajiroAnimations

    Hi my name is KajiroAnimations (but you can call me Kajiro or Kai for short), I use to be an gamer and an artist for years, it was nice to meet you all, please send me something nice and don't cause drama on me please

    • Yandere Simulator
    • Mixels
    • Total Drama
    • Nintendo
    • Being A YouTuber
    • Yaoi
    • People Who Are Nice
    • Making Hairstykes
    • Drawing Anthros
    • Disney
    • Minecraft

    Name: Kajiro Takashita

    Age: 19

    Sexuallity: Half Heterosexual / Half Homosexual

    Friends: None

    Gender: Male

    If you guys wanna chat with me, please go to my message wall to talk to me

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  • SansyxWilliam

    Heya! i really need some custom ripped stockings for my character Yuka in game

    they must be black and up to her thighs or under her skirt

    thanks ^^

    Id also like some fingerless gloves on her as well as a black jacket

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  • CrystaltheCool



    link: Template:CrystalStudent



    please give me suggestions on how to improve it thanks

    feel free to use it

    no need to credit me

    bc the infobox already has my name on it

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  • DreamcastGirl0101


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  • DreamcastGirl0101

    --Dreamcast 23:32, April 29, 2018 (UTC) It’s been only 10 DAYS Working on this Mod. And everything is ACTUALLY Going well! Did I say... “Everything?” One Thing I learned about Modding, is that NO MOD EVER starts out Without Bugs, Glitches, or unwanted Easter eggs. For Example, Dreamcast-chan Starts staring at any Bug that happens, no matter how far it is. Then, she will Randomly DIE. I might keep it, Since she’s allergic to bugs, but... I guess I’ll have to fix it a LITTLE BIT. I can’t have my Favorite Student randomly DYING Just because an Unimportant Glitch occurred. Well, here’s another Random Glitch That Happens. If NEKOxCHAN Eats Yummy Bytes™ From a certain Vending machine, (For some reason it depends on your Persona.) She will Screa…

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  • 𝒜𝓎𝒶𝓃𝑜 𝒜𝓈𝒽𝒾

    Ya ik it looks like a cartoon but i tought 

    why not all of the students have difrent outfits like helloween chirstmas easter valentines day you know but like if u agree

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  • DreamcastGirl0101

    --Dreamcast 02:16, April 29, 2018 Progress Report (UTC)

    Ayano is still Ayano So HA! Osana is Replaced by _____. Yui Rio is replaced by _____. Rival-chan is Replaced by Dream-chan. Yuna Hina is replaced by _____.

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  • BlueSoul69

    I'm back...I guess?

    April 26, 2018 by BlueSoul69

    Yes! one of the most obnoxious people you've met is back! hell yeah! fun days...wooo!

    For anyone who've taken my ocs, keep em, I'm starting off fresh, plus, I don't think i can just take them back.

    ...P.S. I might just leave again...happens a lot....

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  • KunIzumi

    1. Osana Najimi
    2. Yuna Hina
    3. Yui Rio
    4. Koharu Hinata 
    5. Mei Mio
    6. Saki Miyu
    7. Kokona Haruka
    8. Inkyu Basu
    9. Sakyu Basu
    10. Kizana Sunobu
    11. Amai Odayaka
    12. Asu Rito
    13. Hanako Yamada

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  • CrystaltheCool

    Hello everyone!! I am opening up Kisekae Requests!! The guidelines for how to request a kisekae are pretty simple:

    • You must state the following information about the OC's appearance:
      • Hairstyle (please be descriptive! it can be any combination between a canon character's bangs + another canon character's other hair parts, a canon character's entire hairstyle with some differences (like having an ahegao where there wasn't before), etc!)
      • Hair and Eye Color (hex codes for specific sections of the hair/eyes are recommended)
      • Skin Tone (a hex code or image reference is preferable to just a descriptor)
      • Height (the default height I set for characters is 5'4" in, or 162 cm. this is the canon height of Ayano Aishi. for reference, it's also the same height…
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  • DreamcastGirl0101

    Hi! My name is Clement (You can call me Clem or “Dreamcast’s Brother”)

    You May Heard that my Sister Is making a Mod called The Console Mod where Anime Console Humanoids Attend Akademi High for 3 Weeks for a Exchange Student Program. It’s based on a Manga that Hopefully will Come out on Late 2019. But, Dreamcast, The Biggest Rival, has A Brother. Sometimes me and My Sis Roleplay the Mod, and my Role is Her Brother!!! It’s cool, since I’m like, 8 While Dreamcast’s Brother is 7. So, That’s a Cool Fact about me!

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  • DreamcastGirl0101

    [[Media:Derp. I hate myself for this 😔😔😔

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  • DreamcastGirl0101

    Okay I know I was Happy A Few Minutes ago, But here’s a Smol Vent about my Sister. Yesterday she Offered to help with My OC, Dreamcast. All she did was go Into another OC, Copied and Pasted it and EDITED IT. I’m not doing letting my Family Edit My OC Again, unless my brother wants to help. He wouldn’t Copy and Paste. And Also, Don’t tell my sister I wrote this ;)

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  • DreamcastGirl0101

    Everyone!!! I’m so Excited!!! I just made my 100th Edit!!! And Its only my 3rd Day!!! I don’t like to Brag, but it’s really Special to me.

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  • DreamcastGirl0101

    New Mod

    April 21, 2018 by DreamcastGirl0101

    I’m making a New mod where A bunch of Video Game Consoles attend High school as Anime Humans :P What do you think of it? Comment Below! More Info on it later

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  • DreamcastGirl0101

    I saw the Fact That I am on the top 5 Pages with the most Editors!!! Thank you all so much it’s only my 3rd Day here!!!

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  • Fandomtrash56


    April 21, 2018 by Fandomtrash56

    Hello everyone, as you see, my brother thought that it was a good idea to drop my laptop down the stairs, so I have to use my tablet until my new laptop arrives. I'm not sure how long I'll be off but I think that it will be a month or two. Have a good night/day 


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  • DreamcastGirl0101

    Why is everyone Deleting all my Pages?! Geez, People! Look who’s making the wiki worse NOW. Do you guys want me to LEAVE?!

    Edit: Geez, I’m sorry people XD I just don’t understand stuff like this yet ._.


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  • DreamcastGirl0101


    April 21, 2018 by DreamcastGirl0101

    I’m just Writing my first Blog post. Um... nuthin

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  • PrincessAire

    OC Giveaway

    April 20, 2018 by PrincessAire

    Hi. I'm PrincessAire. You may or may not know me, but the last time I became active on this wiki was two years ago, judging by the time my last blog post was posted where I said that I was going to leave the wiki. Turns out that I also left most of my OCs behind, with the vast majority of them being left as WIPs. It sucks, but right now, I just don't have the time and will to finish them. I've slowly gotten over my obsession with Yandere Simulator, but I still visit the WordPress for updates.

    So right now, I've got a favor to ask all of you; please, take these OCs. I don't care whoever you are or what plans you have for them, but just take them. Some of them have rules that you must follow, some of them do not. Their pages all have the name…

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  • Oka Ruto Occult Club president

    You may have noticed i haven't been online lately that is because I am very busy with other wikis playing Minecraft and starting tomorrow operating a YouTube channel called SlimeDime so I won't be online as much as I used to

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  • MonMonPok

    Kisekae Contest

    April 18, 2018 by MonMonPok

    WIP, i'll work on this after school.

    DM me on discord if u wanna sign up early.

    MonMonPok★ #5236

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    This blog post is to be updated when necessary with the fun going ons of the mysterious fan wiki.

    • When famed mini admin Len was accused of stealing a character, the illustrious Boog himself declared that to accuse Len of stealing further would result in an immediate Ban. Boog later banned THELEGENDGIANTDAD and Chariot Dude for posting legal advice and relaying legal advice, respectively, like a true champion of the people.
      • Omega Len laughs in the face of those who dare respond to him with a simple "ha"

    • While the date that Legend's block would end approached, Boog, the voice of Heaven itself, and the leader of the Democratic Peoples of North Fan wiki, lawfully extended Legend's ban, after consulting his illustrious and unbiased council of staf…

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  • JustANerdyInu

    Images owned by:



    Kamiko Takakawa

    Ian Rookie





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  • Flower-kun

    yoooo so i'm leaving. demote me im done

    nothing personal most of y'all are cool

    a few of you tho

    anyway this is all. i shall be moving my shit to the yscw


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  • KunIzumi

    Kana Mikaso ( OC

    April 11, 2018 by KunIzumi

    9Removed by the owner

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  • Fandomtrash56

    I'm back! And with better grammar! Anyways, I've been here and there and I have updated a lot.

    • I have a new kisekae style

    • I'm working on my writing skills

    • I have lots of new OC's and will update my old ones.

    • And, I have more self-confidence

    And I have lots of other things in store which I'm still working on, so sorry if this is short, see you later - Fandomtrash56

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  • Bluecats

    my dudes, i have returned. You guys okay while i was gone for forever?

    Anyways while I was gone i learned how to make models like the hairstyles found ingame so now that's a thing.

    I'm also re-writing my fanon etc, so

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  • Maeko Aiko

    Maeko Aiko

    April 3, 2018 by Maeko Aiko


    Persona: Fragile.

    Crush: ???.

    Club: the cleaning club.

    Strength: incapable of self-defense.

    Additional information:

    the president of the cleaning club

    she can speak spanish



    Official :

    more informacion and page of the oc here

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  • Marcos1710

    Maeko Aiko

    April 2, 2018 by Marcos1710

    yo what sup :v

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  • KunIzumi

    In the recent build we can find some of the Headmaster's old tapes and they talk about things only he knows but could this " Eliminate " Megami? 

    Megami fights with her father, Goes off to find her sister making her lose her chance to confess to Senpai.

    She realises What her father has planned for her, gets into an argument and ends up snapping, then killing him.

    Maybe, you show her the tapes, then she talks to you about what you know in private, giving you the chance to kill her.

    Or she will rank you higher for helping her find out what is planned for her and has a talk with her father, ranking you higher and giving you more options to eliminate her.

    YS edits:

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  • Porcy

    fucking leaving

    April 1, 2018 by Porcy

    i hate this heckhole and everyone in in here are some horrible assholes who are the reason im leaving

    • crystal: crystal the cool more like crystal the uncool because ur a dick
    • pistach: ur so mean i dont like u ur not my friend >:( also you made an offensive joke like two years ago soooooooooooo smh lmao uwu
    • vick: ur mom gay
    • jac: i dont like you
    • porcy: porcys a fucking cunt i fucking hate porcy hes the main reason im leaving. porcys just the rudest meanest person ever and their mom is gay and their dad is lesban and god i hate porcy
    • copper: gay
    • red: gay
    • cello: gay
    • horoshi: gay

    i ACTUALLY appreciate samuel igor and also satan but the rest are fucking meanies and i hate them bye uwu

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  • Truekung

    Pls send help

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  • Pumpkinhero2

    I need some idea to draw for my DeviantArt! Please suggest stuff that I could draw! It could be anything. I could even make some requests for you!

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  • Emilyofjane

    I *Heart* UK Skin!

    March 11, 2018 by Emilyofjane

    A few weeks ago, I had posted this screenshot of my corkboard creation onto Tumblr. Yeah, it was funny and did the rounds and all that, but what really struck me was how many comments I received about my custom skin!

    A lot of people (and by "a lot", I mean like maybe 2, but that's still pretty awesome) messaged me and told me that they loved my skin design. This design, which I dubbed "I *Heart* UK", is probably my favorite skin design I've ever made, so to hear this from multiple people meant the world to me! 

    So I decided that, since people liked it so much, I may as well make it downloadable to whoever wants it! You can now download the "I Heart UK Skin" by going to Mods -> Skins. The download includes a custom sweater…

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  • JeodonGray

    Account Rename

    March 4, 2018 by JeodonGray

    Hello everyone, this is TheGreatMasterCover5 here, and I'm coming to inform you all that I will be changing my Wikia username to JeodonGray. This will be the future name from now until I die. Thank you for reading, goodbye.

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  • NoobModder

    Little help

    March 3, 2018 by NoobModder

    Hey guys, so i was wonering if i can get help with modding. I need textures for nemesis chan. I also need help with modding in general, I'm new. So if you can help with any of these things then please do.

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