• CleverCreations

    I'm extremely bored, so I'm going to be taking portrait requests.

    What I need from you:

    • Name of oc
    • Hair ID (Located in pose mode)
    • Eye Colour (Should be in the coding of the JSON files)
    • Hair colour (Base colours are located in the JSON file, hue IDs are in portrait mode. If you keep the base colour, you don't need to tell me the RGB codes)
    • Male/Female
    • Teacher/Student (please note that teachers are a bit buggy in pose mode in terms of customization)
    • Uniform number
    • (Optional) Accessories
    • (Optional) Expression

    First come first serve :3

    Here's an example of what I can do.

    Please stick to one student at a time. I'm not a robot. :P

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  • RainbowNeko23

    Things you post over 1 time


    Doing this (HAHA PRANKED)

    Doing this

    • P.S I do allow Rick Rolling it's actully a nice song*
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  • TheFlowerInThePot


    • Do not request more than 2 portraits at once. 
    • Do not use or take the portraits without requester's or my consent. 
    • Do not use or take parts from the portrait without my consent.
    • Do not claim the portrait as your own. If this will happen multiple times, I may close the request or add a watermark.
    • Do not request something I can't do.
    • It will take 1-2 hours to finish your portrait. However, I will post it the next day or later (not always).
    • Please fill the form when requesting a portrait.
    *Gender: *Age: (Teenager/ Adult) (Applies only to males) *Background: (If any) *Hairstyle: (If any) *Eye shape: (If any) (If you don't specify one, I'll use the default one) *Eye color: *Skin color: (If any)(If you don't specify one, I'll use the def…
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    I saw someone's roast post and I got inspired So who wants to get roasted? For incentive, you can roast me as well. LETS DO THIS credit to the brave pioneers who came up w/ this

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    Boi, I'm still spicy and in the hos pit of evil and rating ocs didn't damn work so just comment down so I can roasts you if you want me to roast you, you plebs. I'm fueled by R A G E

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  • TheFunGame

    So like, I have a lot of OCs, and I really want to update a lot of them. So as of now, i'm gonna be focusing on my three main ones, Hiroyuki Akane, Kanna Kaito, and Minato akari. While they're being updated, all of my other OCs are on pause! I won't use them during this time, and I won't RP with them. That's all. I just wanted to say this so people know. Alright, bye everyone! Have a nice day.

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    I made a tumblr just for this dank place for no reason whatsoever. So just read the first main point and go read it and do whatever other shit you do.

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  • Pug Dub

    Smh, felt like it.

    (PS. can be a spin of character)

    You can write the character's name or show a photo of them, Or both.

    Start with mehhhh

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  • SirVicksALot

    Notice VI

    June 21, 2017 by SirVicksALot

    Wow, it's been a while since I've actually had a life. Anyway, apologies for the short notice, but I'm going to Montreal for a few days (Today-23) and I won't be able to be on Wikia until Friday because I don't think I'll be able to use Wikia on my tablet and I doubt I'll have enough time to do much. So, see you all again Friday!!

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    I'm a god. How can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive? There is no escape. No Recall or Intervention can work in this place. Come. Lay down your weapons. It is not too late for my mercy.

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  • TalkingYap


    June 21, 2017 by TalkingYap

    I don't know honestly, sometimes when i browse the wiki, i find a few comments despising yandere dev. I'm sorry for diging up the horse, but could someone explain?

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  • Mixelnator777

    I forgot to add faculties to my fanon page, here are the hairstyles

    Hope you like em

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    Oc Reviews

    June 20, 2017 by PISTACHIOLORD


    I've been feeling spicy these past few days because jet lag and I'm tired and I'm stuck in this godamn hospital that smells like tide cause I fell. Like no thanks MR.stairs. So I've decided to rate your ocs and mostly point out everything wrong with them. Or just end up dying and loading inspeiration and just tell you your Oc sucks have a meme. Hopefully not. So just tell me an Oc you want me to review and I'll review them on the Oc page. I'll comment a meme under your comment so you know I did it. I'll also be rating them between one to ten on originality, c…

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  • Chariot Dude

    If there's one thing that bothers me about this wiki, it's the surplus of OCs that are given "meaningful" names using google translate. A lot of people argue that they don't want to give their OCs dull and basic names - which I fully understand - and say that google translate gives meaning to their name. However, there's a difference between naming your astronaut OC "Hoshiko" and naming them "Asutoronoto."

    Before I start, let me just say that I am by no means an expert at this. I'm not Japanese, nor am I fluent in the language, yet if you want a unique name, you're better off using this method than something like google translate.

    I'll start by looking at an actual Japanese name: Kimiko, or 貴美子. Notice there are 3 kanji characters in this na…

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  • Mixelnator777

    Portrait Contest

    June 20, 2017 by Mixelnator777


    • If anyone wants to join, please ask*

    Round 1: Coming Soon

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  • Mixelnator777

    This is my Mixsona, his name is MixelBOT (a.k.a. Craig Mixelnator)

    Here is his ID

    Name: Craig Mixelnator (a.k.a.MixelBOT)

    Age: 18

    Pride: Pansexual

    Yaoi Crush: Chumchum

    Likes: Mixels, Yandere Simulator, YouTube, iza200117, Mixelnator, VOCALOID, IDOLMASTERS, Mesmo, Liyon, Frosto, CrabbyMeal, Writing Yaoi Fanfictions, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Koopalings, Hellvines, H.E.A.V.E.N., SAKURA BLOSSOMS, Chumchum, Peach, Daisy, Copymix, Anime

    Dislikes: Bullies, Porn, Pervert, Getting Trolled on YouTube and Facebook, Jumpscare Games, SuicideSquadArchive, alexandersupremo, Cyber Bullying, getting insulted at school, Nixels

    I apologise it is not from Yandere Simulator

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  • Bluecats

    Short break from wiki

    June 19, 2017 by Bluecats

    I will be away for a few days doing personal things. I will not be active during this time.



    Anyways, I won't be active for a few days.

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  • Porcy

    So ye. I'll make fake official art for you by editing Kjech's official art. Just send me a link to your OC's page. 

    If they're a fanon rival I can also make a fake intro. Here's an example with Ai Hayashi on the right (not a rival but still).

    And here's (file too big for thumbnail)

    • Females only
    • One character per person
    • It might take a long time to get to your request, be patient
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  • SkylaGamingMZP

    My New Icon!

    June 18, 2017 by SkylaGamingMZP

    This is how I tend to represent myself online.

    If you want the full image, I have that too.

    I made it at

    Please tell me your opinion of it in the comments~!

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  • Bluecats

    Custom Wiki Requests

    June 18, 2017 by Bluecats

    I just learned how to make the Yan Sim Fanon Wiki home page look like different wikias. I was able to transform it into this

    I'm gonna take requests for custom wikis.

    • Background changes (you provide the image). The background will be one large looping image, like the one in the example.
    • Mascot changes (you provide mascot)
    • Text changes (please tell me what specific part you want changed)
    • Color changes (please provide very specific instructions)
    • Size modification in certain things (specification required)
    • Changing of profile pictures
    • Nearly anything.

    • Add other tabs where there are none.
    • Send the actual link, since it's just appearances that change.
    • Work without specification. Specify everything you want. if you just say "I want it green" i'm going to e…

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  • SkylaGamingMZP

    I am planning on making a new icon to use as my icon.

    I will be making this new icon.

    Just letting people know.

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  • TheMagicalDino


    June 16, 2017 by TheMagicalDino

    Most of the ppl on this wikia are Danganronpa fans. Soo.... How about making "Yanganronpa" with our OCs? 

    I don`t know how... but... still

    (If somebody made this arleady i apologize)

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  • Bell´Dan

    Here is a Portrait contest

    • Useful Portrait Stuff is not Allowed (Except for Bases)
    • We will have 5 or more rounds
    • If you don't do a Round you are out
    • If you use stuff from the Useless Portrait Stuffpage (Except for Bases) You are also out
    • The Picture MUST be 512x512
    • If you're not happy with you Place DON'T COMPLAIN ABOUT IT

    • Crabbymeal - Aka. Mr.Crabs
    • Le French Croissant
    • Xenpai
    • Thunderwood
    • Because its the First Round you can still Join

    Lets Make it Easy Make your Favorite Character from your Favorite Show or Animu That must all on the Portrait

    • In Uniform 4,5 or K-On
    • Color the Backround in the Character Color
      • Exsample: You make a Portait of Timmy Turner his Color is Pink so Color the Backround Pink

    because why not BOII

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    June 14, 2017 by PISTACHIOLORD

    I'm going on a hiatus. And I only have two damn reasons.

    Number one; I'm going to be traveling over this week from my friendly and Dutch home to the U.A.E which will probably destroy my time zones and how I connect to the wiki. I'm on a sixteen hour flight since in my city they didn't have a damn direct flight so I'm going to hell and back again.

    Number two; The wiki lately has been making me way to insecure about my actions,angry and another big bundle of mixed emotions. I mean, I wanna do the damn right thing but I just can't and when I think I do it always turns out to be wrong. It's honestly making me think people really dislike me(which I already knew and shit) even though I'm fine with it. It's weird, I know. I think it's because I'm a…

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  • Mixelnator777

    This is gonna be a show I made up, BUT, it will be for YouTube

    The logo is in the description here

    Episode 1: Pilot *planning to*


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  • Mixelnator777


    June 14, 2017 by Mixelnator777


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    I have returned to save the wiki once again

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  • DabByTheOcean

    Cooking With Amai

    June 13, 2017 by DabByTheOcean

    Amai: Hello Fellow Cookers its Amai and today I be teaching you how to make My Speical Cake

    Amai: First the simple ingredients of a cake

    Amai: Then I add some whip cream

    Amai: And I add some Gummy Bears

    (Ayano causally drags Kizana Body in background)

    Amai: Anywhere we then add Oreo crumbs

    (Asu Rito,Midori,Oka Ruto(My Senpai),Inkyu try to pin down Ayano who is bloody and holding a knife in background)

    Amai: Anyway th-

    (Ayano bumps into Amai and the Cake falls off the table Amai looks around the kickthen)

    Amai: What

    Amai: (mad tone) The

    Amai: (mad and dark voice) hell happened to my kitchen!?!?!?

    (Asu Rito Runs as well as Midori And Oka(still my Senpai) And Inkyu)

    Amai: If you don't clean this up so help me I will

    Ayano: Ok ok I clean it up

    (Ayano grabs a…

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  • PinocchioMiku

    Yes, we are going to play! 

    We need at least 6 people. We're going to use all roles from the Rolelist, but the 6 rolelist is:







    If you'd like to participate, comment down below and ill add you to the list. This is going to be played at the Fun and Games board of this wikia. Welcome to Town of Akademi.

    And remember:

    nothing bad ever happens in this town :)

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  • SpookieSushi

    fuck it

    ur unoriginal sassy gay disappointment is here :')

    I guess I'll host one, if anyone wants to join. I'll try my best not to forget about it.

    • don't be a salty crumblefuck if you get a low place k you'll be kicked out faster than nobue died
    • no stealing that's a fucking terrible thing to do you cabbage
    • yes, you can still make entries without joining.
    • feel free to join after round one!!!
    • you can use portraits you made before the contest!!!
    • no running
    • credit the parts you use thx
    • no rude comments to others you fucking absolute balloon
    • you can only miss one round without telling me k
    • i think that covers everything
    • note to self: you aren't gordon ramsay, don't insult like him

    • Our~Divine~Souls: 27 points
    • BlueWithoutSymmetry (red): 20 points
    • OreoSenpai Kick…

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  • PinocchioMiku

    apparently only spooks gonna understand this

    this is just an idea but we could play a mafia game if you want

    factions will be represented in bold, italic and normal

    The g00d d00ds that do shit.

    Equivalent to Mayor, their vote counts as three.

    Equivalent to Invest/Sheriff. They visit you, they now know your role.

    Equivalent to BG/Vet. If you visit them on alert, you die. If you try to kill someone they're protecting, you also die. If they bulletproof vest (3 times only), you can't attack them.

    Equivalent to Doc/Retri. Can heal one person per night and heal self once. Can revive someone, once.

    Senpai's own Mafia.

    Equivalent to Godfather. Boss and killing power of this shit, has night immunity.

    Equivalent to Consig/Bmer. They visit you, they know your rol…

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  • SkylaGamingMZP


    June 12, 2017 by SkylaGamingMZP


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  • ChocolateShortcake


    June 10, 2017 by ChocolateShortcake

    I've made new versions of Kazuko. what should she look like? 

    1- Orange Haired One

    2-Brown haired one

    3-Blue haired one

    4-Red haired one

    The one that makes it to 5 votes win!

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  • Flower-kun

    Shared OC?

    June 9, 2017 by Flower-kun

    I wanna make a shared oc with someone

    hmu if interested

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  • PandiCorns


    June 9, 2017 by PandiCorns

    I have school


    (Btw, whenever I mod Json files, Fun Girl always talks to me. Why?)

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  • Lil' Shaddie The Gallade

    I could do Homer's voice :3

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    HeRe u sEnd LiNK to CharaCTer PaGe aND gET PrIZe Of DrawiNG wOHI 

    HeRez ArE gAy eXaMplEs 

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  • SpookieSushi

    So like???? This is kinda like a shared OC thing, but it's not?? I've done it before with the gorlgifdirngd. Instead of just one, there's two OCs.

    What you do is, you make your oc without telling the person you're working with a single thing about it, and they do the same. Once you're both done, you show each other the OC you made, and you have to somehow make them work as a couple.

    I don't know if this is a good idea lmao but I've done it before and the results were pretty entertaining.

    Does anyone want to do it with me? (also, if you like, want to put an offer for this on your page as well, don't feel like you're copying or anything it's perfectly fine!!)

    What to do when you make the OC: Name, appearance, brief thing on personality. Maybe clu…

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  • Candydandy

    According to my interpretations of the the slots of characters, all slots for students will be up to 90. Here is my guess on how the slots will be used.

    34 - Amai

    35 - Kizana

    36 - Asu

    37 - Osoro

    38 - Hanako

    39 - Megami

    40 - Cooking Member

    41 - Cooking Member

    42 - Cooking Member

    43 - Cooking Member

    44 -Cooking Member

    45 - Drama Member

    46 - Drama Member

    47 - Drama Member

    48 - Drama Member

    49 - Drama Member

    50 - Sports Member

    51 - Sports Member

    52 - Sports Member

    53 - Sports Member

    54 - Sports Member

    56 - Delinquent

    57 - Delinquent

    58 - Delinquent

    59 - Delinquent

    60 - Delinquent

    61 - Delinquent

    62 - Delinquent

    63 - Delinquent

    64 - Delinquent

    65 - Delinquent

    66 - Geiju Tsuka

    67 - Art Member

    68 - Art Member

    69 - Art Member

    70 - Art Member

    71 - Miyuji Shan

    72 - Light Music Member

    73 …

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  • Devigel

    So in reality: This is basically just a magical girl rp. So time to show ya'll how ta join I guess.

    This is how this will work: I'll start the rp once we have 6 people, presrumably 3 cures and 3 villans. 20 spots in total, 10 cures, 10 villans.

    To join as a cure: OC ((page)), Cure name ((ex: cure flash or somethin)). One attack name, needs to have your cur name. ex flash mast???. special: two other people can not have cure in their name but still be one. ((ex: negi stick))

    optional: kisekae for precure. hair color, hair style, eye color, and height can be changed. if wanted. cures must be female

    To join as a villian??: OC ((page)), villan name ex: this can be whatever honestly. one attack, can be named whatever.  villans can also have a differ…

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  • Oreo Senpai

    (Sorry I just can't make up anything so like, fuck me over, pls)

    • Don't make me maed >:((
    • Don't submit without entering.
    • DO NOT let "GYSO" See the portrait GYSO= The bitch of da
    • Please make up your mind before entering, don't get half way through then decide to drop out. (However you can drop out during the first round)
    • If you say anything bad about senpai I will kill your mom
    • If you say anything bad about oreos I will kill your dad
    • If you say something bad about me I will kill you
    • That's all ^^
    • ===Information===
    • A round cant end until all contestants have entered their portrait
    • Every round a user is knocked out for being last.
    • There will be five rounds (if there's too many contestants I can add more)
    • ===Contestants===
    • [Blank]
    • [Blank]
    • [Blank]
    • [Blank]
    • [Blank] …

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  • Bluecats

    User's things

    June 5, 2017 by Bluecats

    So nearly all of us users have something that prettymuch only we use. Here some are.

    • Bluecats "(scREaMs"
    • Pistachiolord"claps"
    • Jlmc: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    • Ian:
    • Jac: Beeing Jac
    • Chalkpai: (insert horrible insults and being a little meme)

    comment yours (IMSORRYIFORGOTYOUunlessyourpistachio

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  • Oreo Senpai







    STEALER 2.0


    Read more >

    This is based off that one blog that like only had a sentence on it. AHEM

    Oh and Than I rickrolled them 

    Read more >
  • Crimson Karma

    Hi! I'm new...

    June 5, 2017 by Crimson Karma

    Hello, I am Karma! I am a huge Yandere Simulator fan and have a huge love for the male rivals! I would like to steer clear from the drama, so if there is a thread I go into and drama happens, you can expect me to leave (and report if the drama is getting too extreme). Don't worry, I am not under the age of thirteen and will follow the rules to the best of my abilities. I found the wiki by looking for Yandere Simulator forums where it is safe to share opinions and roleplay! I would love to make freinds with as many people as I can, but just a warning that my memory isn't the best. If there is any way I can help, improve or keep the wiki safe just tell me! So as an introduction, let me say some stuff about me...

    Pet Peeves

    When someone uses te…

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  • MrMemington

    Ok the meme is ,lying


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  • Lil' Shaddie The Gallade

    Make one you weeaboos (if you havent) or inv me to the one you've already made. I add to the entertainment value of any group. ;^]

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  • Le French Croissant

    First of all, I want to apologize for the mess I brought on this wiki. I have offended a lot of people since my first day here. You welcomed me with open arms but I ignored this. I didn't care about you or my behaviour. I took advantage of your kindness and I am very sorry for this. I hope you all can forgive me. Sincerely, Chalkpai.                                 

    (You may not understand because of my cheap, poor, worthless, trashy, what's up with her English)

    (This is supposed to be a serious blog post but I don't care.) 

    (This may be an epic fail and everyone will hate me.) 

    (I should stop to write these lines.) 

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  • Ian Rookie

    I´m bored.

    Almost the same as Red contest.

    (This is ging to start when we have at least 8 contestants).

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  • Qerriz

    Watcha doin

    June 4, 2017 by Qerriz
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