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  • KawaiCats

    I will be inactive for somedays for personal reasons


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  • Jacbocford

    MMD Model Requests

    April 28, 2017 by Jacbocford

    omg i need to stop,,,,

    • You must have MMD I would like to see an example of your work in mmd
      • if you're my friend you don't have to show it =w=
    • I will not take hair parts from different models unless the rules say I'm allowed to do So.
    • I will only make males and females in uniform 1 cause I'm a piece of shit
    • No recolours k thanks
    • I won't find the hair myself k thanks




    Eye colour (Texture included):

    Eye brow colour

    Skin tone: (normal for default tda skin)

    Head: (Default for Miku's head)


    Stocking lenght:

    Anything else: (like chokers, or makeup)

    k thanks

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  • NightoftheDedsec

    Kisekae Exports

    April 27, 2017 by NightoftheDedsec

    stuff to be added :3c

    I decided to share some of my exports!! But before using them, please read my rules.


    • Unless stated otherwise, you MUST credit every time you use.
    • Do NOT use outside of Yandere Simulator Fanon Wikia without permission.
    • Do not use these exports to make adopts, customs, remakes, etc. 
    • Though this is optional, comment if used, I'd love to see your work!!

    NOTE: These exports were made to fit my base, so they may need adjusting. 

    Yandere Chan Main Hairstyle: 50**ea2.202129.202129.56.1.1_ec_ed_ef_eg_r0045.202129.202129.…

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  • Meloncraft13

    Shipping wars 1

    April 27, 2017 by Meloncraft13

    Ayado! This is made for fun. If you do not ship it, its fine.

    My name is Emily and I will be talking to Ayado fan 1 aka  Ayado.

    Emily:So why do you ship it?

    Ayado:Taro is a ****boy. He is a coward. I hate him.Ayado for life.

    Emily:You know it's never going to be in the game?

    Ayado:Yes it is!! It is better than Ayaro or whatever! Is that so hard to understand!?!

    Emily:It is not even canon!

    Ayado:Yes it is stupid!God!

    Ayado leaves the room and slams the door behind him.

    Emily:Mabye in 2070 when the game is done he will see Ayado isn't real. Honestly, he should leave devpai alone!


    Ayado:Taro is dumb and stupid. Ayado is best ship ever, Emily is blinded by Taro.

    Ayado goes back into the room.

    Ayado:We shall countinue our war.

    Emily:Taro is cool …

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  • Meloncraft13

    Drawing requests!

    April 27, 2017 by Meloncraft13

    I was seeing a lot of these so I am doing one. Rules

    1) No hentai stuff,I'm not against it but I don't feel alright doing it.

    2) One request at a time

    3) Make sure if to tell me what colors you want

    I'll post them here once I'm done, which will be an hour after your request. I will say sure to you so you know!

    -Peace out!

    PS:Recommend songs below, I just love music. No Melanie Martinez I already love her and know too many songs by her lol.


    I did a drawing of Yui Rio, Kokona Haruka and Osana Najimi. It is bad but I tryed!It won't let me upload for some reason, I'll try later. Do not forget to request below!

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  • Lovecherry456


    April 26, 2017 by Lovecherry456

    People im back only to say this:( and to check the comments)

    Ok so I only wanted to make this place better,I start out calm explaining my points. In return, I get a bunch of people starting a fight. Instead, I decide mabye this place is not the best place to be so I decide to say im leaving. About my grammar, English isnt my first, I would say Im ok.

    Next thing I know, People are just being bullies. Thats exactly my point. Cyber bullying is still as bad as normal school bullying. Most of us probebly have gone through it. Now put yourself in my place. Say you dont like the way people are on here and want to make it better. You attempt to try see how people would react. Instead people bully you. How would you feel? I never care on opinions cuz…

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  • Lovecherry456

    Im done

    April 26, 2017 by Lovecherry456

    I done. Im not fighting. Fuck my grammar. I'm still on quotev my user is same on here. Im not fighting. Im going back to the undertale fandom and the wikia fandom. Thank you for the people who supported me on  last post




    Take everything. I tryed to make this fanon a better place in result it is pure fucking cancer. To those of you who dont give a fuck, i dont give a fuck. Go ahead and hate. Sorry to people above that you suffer through this fucking hell. 


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  • Bell´Dan

    Kisekae Contest 2

    April 26, 2017 by Bell´Dan

    So welcome to the Kisekae Contest

    So if you want to be a Member to this Just ask

    • Use your Own Kisekae don't use any Exports
      • If i found out you used an Export you'll going to be kicked out (Bitch)
    • Please do it until the Time is over
    • More added soon.

    • Think something new

    • Um ser chamado Carlo
    • Darkpai
    • Vick
    • Future
    • Kawai
    • Miku
    • .minor
    • Porcy
    • Desc
    • Croissants
    • Copper
    • Redpanda
    • Now only 3 can join so think of it

    First Round is easy. Make one of the Rainbow 12

    They can look like your fanon version of them

    You have time until Friday 14:30 GTM+1

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  • Jacbocford

    fanart requests :^)

    April 26, 2017 by Jacbocford

    because i said so

    here's an example :^)

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  • Lovecherry456

    I new here and i am not liking it here already. Here are my reasons what this fanon has become.

    1) Aguements

    So many people on here start a fight for no reason or over a tiny simple thing. For example lets say someone makes an OC and someone edits without there permission, the OC creator asks them to change it back instead of solving it easily,the person says sorry and fixs it, people jump into someone elses problem and just starts a fight.

    2) Bullying

    This is all over the fanon now. Bullying. For example lets say someone makes an OC, a mary sue type. People critisise them and call there OC names and that no one will care if they quit the fanon.. Yes, there OC might be a mary sue but its a FAN'S OC. Not something that is going to be in the act…

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  • Springmario

    I'm New

    April 25, 2017 by Springmario

    I'm new here and i would lie if people were nice to me (Dont be harsh, please)

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  • Pumpkinhero2


    April 24, 2017 by Pumpkinhero2

    Let me be honest, that this wiki has gone to trash. No one cares about people breaking rules, and everyone is childish. Not responsible at all. Hate me all you want, but I'm leaving. I can't take this damn wiki anymore! I will miss some of my friends, but I will be on Discord a lot though. Goodbye, everyone...

    If you'd like to talk to me on discord: Pumpkinhero2#9495

    Feel free to take my OCs.

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  • TheFunGame

    Little Break

    April 24, 2017 by TheFunGame

    I'm gone for good.

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    April 24, 2017 by PISTACHIOLORD

    Wasn't there a time where everyone had Kagerou Project characters as their profile pics. Am i crazy or did that happen. Halp. I wanted to fucking join but i was a lazy ass


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  • SpookieSushi

    i'm sorry mother

    April 24, 2017 by SpookieSushi

    AU where everything's the same except Rui swears like a fucking sailor, thanks

    "Rui, you look great today!" "T-that's.. a fucking l-lie...."


    "I'm.. as u-useful.. as a damn rock.."

    [Finding a weapon] "W-what the f-frick frack diddly d-dack knick k-knack paddy wack g-give a dog a bone fucking fuck i-is that?"



    "F-fucking stop.. please!"

    "L-let go of me.. dickwad!"

    "Y-you dick j-juggling t-thundercock!"

    "I'm.. j-just a gay-ass depresso expresso.."

    "J-jeez.. keep i-it in your pants.."

    "Y-you need.. to be slapped w-with a dick.."

    "W-wow.. that h-haircut really brings out y-your fake tits..I'm.. f-fucking shocked.."

    "S-save your breath... you'll n-need…

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  • PinocchioMiku

    I've decided to do this, because i love doing pixel arts and i'm soooo damn original. Fill this if you'd like one, please!

    I do anything, even objects. [Actually, i'm better at objects, but you can ask ocs. I'll do my very best.]

    Name/Object: [for ocs, its preffered to link the page or give it a detailed description on "other" section]

    Shading: [None, simple, advanced]

    Size: [Piskel uploads images very tiny, so specyfing the size [like 500x500] would be of a pretty big help.]

    Other: [post your specifications here.]

    I also do animations! Just specify it on 'Other' section.

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  • Jlmc12345678910

    Drawing Requests

    April 23, 2017 by Jlmc12345678910

    Hello! ya know who I am already so let's cut to the chase, I'm bored rn so I decided to start doing drawing requests here's an example of my drawings:

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  • NightoftheDedsec

    hihi!! im really bored rn so ive decided to do drawing requests!! 

    My Rules:

    -No NSFW, unless the character is confirmed to be over 18. Age ups will not be accepted.

    -Only one request per person, please. Too many can be stressful for ol joshy ;;

    -If you use, please credit on the page, and don't reupload the image. 

    -Don't use the request outside of wikia without asking me about it.

    ill probably do the first 5 requests, though i cant confirm ill do any after that, if i do theyll probs be delayed!! 


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  • SpookieSushi

    Eh, might as well, I saw a lot of people do this. 

    What do you think of this hot mess express? How many times have I disappointed you?

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  • SpookieSushi

    It is a needed squad.

    Protect the sad child.

    Should I make shirts?

    Edit: holy fuck


    (Feel free to add yourself!!)







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    Lol following the trend I started myself

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  • KawaiCats

    Well every one started doing this so I do it too (I am soo original :nnnnooo)

    So yeah tell me 

    like Kizano(Idk the nameof the male kizana)would say Let's be honnesttt!

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  • Bluecats

    I am bored


    I will make another one of these

    I made one before but nobody responded


    Anyways, PLS give opinions on dis shortbread cookei!

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  • VernyP123


    April 18, 2017 by VernyP123

    I'm here. I'm sorry. I was trying to get points out of people all right? Just I needed them cause there are things happening at my home. I just used Pistachio's KiseKaes because I was angry at her and took them off her yan sim account. I'm sorry alright. I didn't think people would get mad at me if they found out. I didn't mean to get pistachio in trouble. I just got mad at her alright

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  • Oreo Senpai

    Everybody's doing this tbh we might aswell all do this.

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  • NightoftheDedsec

    casually follows the trend haha kms

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  • Bell´Dan

    Time to follow a Cheap Trend 

    So what do you think about me

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  • CrabbyMeal

    Mr. Crabs is jumping onto the "What's your opinion on me" bandwagon.

    Be honest, please!

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  • Redandsymmetry

    Because if there's a huge trend going on, Red has to follow it

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  • TheFunGame

    (Damn, i'm so original.....)

    Either way, i'd like to know. Please be honest!

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  • Mystiwaii

    Should I apply?

    April 18, 2017 by Mystiwaii

    I really want to apply for Rollback or Chat Mod, but I think I should wait.

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  • Copper Kun

    Based on this blog

    I would like to know what do you think about me? I'm paranoid that I'm cancer, annoying and all that. Maybe I can change something in me. Please be honest.

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    fuckin yandere dev not even done with his new video yet but he has far exceeded the amounts of toxicity that a human can survive

    also he put a picture of Makoto from Persona 5 in the video, keep your dirty hands off that game

    (Updates to this post to come)

    Update 1- Anger


    ~Note for the uninformed~

    Once apon a time, the Dev came to the wiki.

    It was here that he acted like a child alot in chat. I got into a rap battle with him. I went first. He read my rap and …

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    I found this. It was linked to me by Verny who hasn't talked to me in 3 months and just wow,

    Someone would really do this. I hate myself. I hate this wiki. Like I know people hate me but why would they make an account just to do this to me. I've already explained Vernys story and I feel like I know who did this. They absolutly hate me. But I dont know yet. Im scared. I didnt know people hated me that much to try to turn me into someone else. To fucking have a stupid false claim. I hate it, I know for a fact that someone on this wiki did this. Me and Verny used to own Rouia together back in December or November and I let them post the…

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  • PinocchioMiku

    Dangan!AU RP

    April 16, 2017 by PinocchioMiku

    No, i'm not copying SpookieSushi (i'm sorry if you think so.) This is a fill-in for an dangan!au RP. List your OC/canon character here, their talent, their age, aaand a little bit of backstory.

    1. Neki Animatokusu [SHSL ?????]
    2. OPEN
    3. OPEN
    4. OPEN
    5. OPEN
    6. OPEN
    7. OPEN
    8. OPEN
    9. OPEN
    10. OPEN
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  • SpookieSushi

    (Fun fact. I was too lazy to draw or anything, so you're looking at a hastily edited DanganRonpa sprite.)

    Edit: I noticed a HUGE flaw in this. I won't say anything, but I'll change it around.


    Zetai didn't figure that out on his own.

    Nobue wasn't the ONLY dangerous person in school.

    Zetai didn't stop that.. other.

    None of this makes sense.

    Why didn't he go for both of them?

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    cROncH IT

    April 16, 2017 by PISTACHIOLORD

    lol I'm bored and I saw Sooshi do this so I'm like hey that's pretty good. Anyone wanna make a shared oc with pistachio shit

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  • Koolaid13

    I am back.

    April 16, 2017 by Koolaid13

    Hello. I'm GreenSister. Google Chrome hasn't been working for me, so i have no access to my account and i forgot the password. You might be thinking "Well click the forgot password button!!!" Now before you do that, the forgot password wasn't working. So I had no choice but to make a new account. And some of you may not remember me, some of the people know me from when I made my first appearance on November 23rd 2015. But i didn't join this wiki until sometime in december. But let me say that this wiki has changed alot. W-O-W. I just hope that someway i can get my account back and get google chrome working again.

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  • SpookieSushi

    Hello. it me

    April 15, 2017 by SpookieSushi

    lmao it's your least favorite person


    Hey, does anyone want to create a shared OC with me? I have like 37 ideas and they're all lowkey bothering me.

    sorry I've been doing a lot lmao

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  • PinocchioMiku

    hey guys. ouo

    its been a year'n four months since i came to this wiki and then left it like it was trash. good ol times no? ouo

    i have been actually following this wiki's paths since... now its pretty dead lmao. i've changed a lot too. i'm seventeen, i've lost all my friends, every fcking day there's a fight on this house and im literally up on melancholly hill [gorillaz reference why not?]. many things were happy too. im not that retarded fan of fnaf and undertale [thank god]. ive grown up finally, i guess? the only thing that didnt change was my height, im still too short ;-;

    yes as you see my grammar and english are worse than ever because i dont use them as often as i used to. im just... pretty bad you know?

    i just wanted to come back and …

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  • FloweyTheFlytrap1.0

    Thank you.

    April 15, 2017 by FloweyTheFlytrap1.0

    NOTE: This blog post contains some personal stuff, so it will be deleted a day or two after I post this.

    The title says it all, thank you everyone.

    I am sure most people who read my earlier post are wondering why I am leaving in the first place. Please let me explain and tell the whole story.

    So, I have been homeschooled my entire life. Which means I spend most of the day at home during the school year. Being homeschooled means that obviously, I have less of a chance to interact with people who are around my age. At first, I was never bothered by this at first, becuase I made friends in church, swimming / gymnastic lessions, and camps I went to. I was pretty normal, and felt like it, because I had a lot of people that I would interact with re…

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  • SpookieSushi

    Danganronpa AU???

    April 14, 2017 by SpookieSushi

    Hello it's meme

    sorry I've been doing a lot recently lol

    Okay, so, I've only like, briefly mentioned this once in TheFunGame's message wall. I've kind of wanted to make a Danganronpa AU for YanSim. Like, with actual character, not OCs. The only exception to this is whatever takes Monokuma and Monomi/Usami's places. Maybe Mr. Jazzy feet? Some other weird thing? 

    Anyway, I've wanted to do a thing like this for a while.  Time to put my shitty writing skills to use.

    Would anyone like, actually want to read something like this? Or should I just forget about this? Like, I made a thing for Taro for an example, but I'll probably revamp it.

    It looks really gross ew

    Anyway, Here's some characters that will likely be in it.

    1. Taro Yamada, SHSL Lucky Studen…

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  • SpookieSushi

    hello so

    lmao this is going to sound fucking stupid

    I kind of want to apply to be a rollback or something sometime like

    I have pretty good grammar, spelling, etc. (Well, only when needed)

    I've got 900 something edits I think

    I'm active a lot and I joined this Wikia in August.

    Not to mention, this Wikia DOES need more staff.

    I don't think I have enough experience for it though tbh

    I think I'll wait until I have 2,000+ edits, even though 200 is what's needed. I'll probably be less of a wimpy noodle by then. Does anyone have any like, feedback or anything?

    sorry this sounds fucking dumb, I'm not going to post this in the forums, I kind of want feedback on it first

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  • FloweyTheFlytrap1.0

    Welp. I put off saying this for almost two weeks, but here it is: I am leaving all of Wiki forever. 


    So, go ahead and put all of my OCs up for adoption.

    Baby Bye Bye Bye.

    They be all gone!

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  • Jacbocford

    Possible Inactivity

    April 12, 2017 by Jacbocford

    So, Easter's coming up, which means for my family we go to another state, However I am not sure if we are going, if we are it's till Monday, if not, then Not...

    so ye

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  • Cookicuttr

    My ????????

    April 11, 2017 by Cookicuttr

    I made a new character.

    She is deceased.

    The wikia must find out what she is

    On the page

    I put:

    "Her name means Betrayed River in japanese."

    this means u need to translate.

    her name is this long:

    _______ = first name

    ____ = middle name

    ____ = last name

    altogether, her name means Betrayed river.

    2. She is not a yandere sim demon. Se is actually a demon based on japanese folklore. I can tell you 3 things about this.

    1. They haunt bridges/rivers

    2.They are female.

    3. They turned into a oni (demon) because their lover/husband threw them away for a new girl.

    If you can find out, tell me what she is.

    In Yandere sim, she haunts the fountain. The water is her blood, the fountain is her body.

    Well, that is enough hints for you.


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  • MasterCoverII


    April 11, 2017 by MasterCoverII

    Hello guys, as of today from now on, I'm leaving this wikia, and for that, I requesting all pages in "MasterCover's Fanon" and "MasterCover's OCs" to be deleted, I'm going to give Norimi and Ami Hayashi to Bluecats, if he doesn't want it he can put it up for adoption, also if you see any pages with my template on them, than you can also delete them. So.. Bye, I guess.

    BTW: Kakkoii, remove my template. from Sophia Mikealsson please.

    My Reason For Leaving:  Becaue I've became more uninterested in Anime, and more interested into ships and history, also my discord is xMasterCoverX #5593, so.. bye. ;-;

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  • Bluecats


    April 11, 2017 by Bluecats

    So I'm gonna paste the 50 newest images.


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  • Flower-kun

    Thinking of Applying

    April 10, 2017 by Flower-kun

    I'm thinking of applying for rollback once I've been on the wiki for a month, on April 15th. What does everyone else think?

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  • Silentrosewhip

    this wiki stole 10 years off my life and while normally that would be a good thing the fact that This Wiki did it is making me go into a fever dream state

    i have yet to think of one (1) good thing abt this place like. theres a couple cool people i guess??????????? but jinkies scoobs some of yall,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hnnn

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