"Airman! Hah! Ugh!" - Biscuits N' Tea

Biscuits N Tea square
Biscuits N' Tea
Kanji ビスーケットー・ト・チー
Rōmaji Bisuketto to chi-
Alias Piss Biscuit

Bentley Neville Thompson

General Information
Race Human
Sex Male
Pronouns He
Age 150
Birthday April 6, 1866
Sexuality Heterosexual
Scholar Information
Persona British
Club British Club
Neutral/Freenemies Wong
Enemies Airman
Status Alive


An overwhelmingly stereotypical Victorian Era British guy. Real name Bentley Neville Thompson. In constant war with Airman. Others may see him as insane, as nobody can see Airman except Biscuits N' Tea and Wong.


Generally pretty calm, even in the worst situations; he will sip his tea if he sees someone murdered, and will do the same if he sees blood or if he sees someone with a weapon. He will even do the same if he is the victim of murder, coolly sipping his earl grey and consuming a crumpet. Before he dies, he may adjust his monocle, because he wants to look perfect when he dies. He may even clean up his own pool of blood with his last breath.

The exception of these is when Airman appears. When he sees Airman, he will take out his shard of metal and begin wildly swinging at Airman and possibly any unfortunate bystanders.


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