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Barakou Koizumi

Kou (most people)
Bara Lady (Rie and Rosamund)
Zu-Zu (Yutaka)




Male Male


She She




170.9 cm


58 kg


October 27th

Astrological Sign

Scorpio Scorpio

Blood Type





Polysexual Polysexual

Personal Status

Sports, Gaming

Educated in

High School



Previous Crush


Lives in

Buraza Town

Personal Status



Yutaka Koizumi - Father

Tammy Higgins - Mother

Kiyoshi Koizumi - Paternal Uncle

Masao Koizumi - Paternal Uncle

Nanami Koizumi - Paternal Aunt

Hinata Koizumi - Paternal Aunt (through marriage with Kiyoshi)

Setsuko Koizumi - Paternal Cousin

Daisuke Koizumi - Paternal Cousin

Kiyo Koizumi - Paternal Aunt (through marriage with Nanami)

Additional Info
Suspected of being transgender.

Would listen to a letter mentioning video games.

Barakou Koizumi is an OC that currently attends Akademi High School.


Barakou is extremely big on justice (or rather vengeance). It is unknown how far she would go for "justice", but it would likely be exactly "an eye for an eye" kind of thing. Barakou can sometimes forgive others a bit too easily, however.

Although she is quite serious, she will smile at some puns and jokes if they are that funny/bad. Barakou is somewhat on the quiet side and can be a little awkward, but they can handle their own conversations like any other. She prefers small talk the most. Barakou tries to stay fairly polite with others, but she enjoys being blunt and honest.


Barakou, born Saburou, is the love child of Tammy Higgins, an American woman, and Yutaka Koizumi, a Japanese man. The affair between the two was short and sweet, ending just as Tammy got pregnant. When she eventually had her child she was able to get some money out Yutaka to "take care of her child" (although he was allowed to name their kid). In reality however, she was just using her kid to get money and pity.

Barakou's mother at first was somewhat nice, giving her child a wagon and a lizard at the most. This degraded though as time went on, starting from things such as light hits and "it could be worse" to beating and full on name calling by 9. There was never just one thing she got mad about, although grades were her personal favorite. This caused Barakou to be isolated in school and spend more of her time fantasying about the future and imaginary friends who would tell her things such as, "stop pushing yourself to the edge."

Barakou realized she was a girl when she was about 11, when they were given iPads in class and allowed to look up what they want. Through pure luck a student using the iPad before her was looking up what transgender means, and Barakou decided to look into it more out of curiosity. She was surprised that people could have a different birth sex and gender, and soon began fantasizing about being a woman out of curiosity.

At first the dysphoria was pretty much unnoticeable even to Barakou herself. Flinching at "he" pronouns, dressing in his mother's clothing when she wasn't home, nothing too big that hasn't been done before. But it escalated to being uncomfortable in male restrooms and anxiety when she saw herself nude within the next few months. On April 26th when she was 12 she knew she was transgender, and she planned to tell her mother.

To no surprise at all, her mother wasn't exactly too sweet and kind about it. She strangulated her so hard that there were marks on her neck that appeared soon after being strangled. To try to cover it up Barakou's mother tried to have her wear a scarf but it didn't work since it got itchy and Barakou took it off out of reflex. A call was sent home, and although her mom tried to day a bully did it Barakou decided she had enough and admitted that it was her mom. About one month after court trials and paperwork Barakou went to live with her dad who she had never met.

Barakou's father was much more accepting than her mother. Yutaka even thought of the name Barakou since it means "rose perfume" and he thought it fit her because of her hair. Yutaka was as reckless and flirt with others as his mother, but he was more empathetic and giving to the pint of spoiling Barakou and helping her cheat as she learned Japanese. In Barakou's eyes, Yutaka is the example of a perfect human being.

Finally able to tell herself that her mom was a terrible person and be sure about it, Barakou decided that if she saw someone that terrible she would reprimand them through any means necessary, even if she becomes just as evil as that person. You can only beat fire with fire, as they say.


Airi Yuu

Airi and Barakou both recognize each other as people who regularly go to the school swimming pool. Barakou sometimes makes a bit of conversation with Airi when they see each other. Airi invites Barakou over to her private swimming pool so that the two can race without anyone in the way or simply have fun. When in the Sports Club Barakou prefers to be on Airi's team because reasons.

Chikako Shinju

Chikako thinks that Barakou should be less serious and polite so she can show her blunt side more often. Barakou is annoyed by Chikako, but begrudgingly finds the redhead funny whenever she cracks a joke. Chikako loves making Barakou laugh just to mess with her.

Erisa Ikuko

Erisa sometimes hangs out with Barakou along with Himari and Minori. She thinks Barakou should be less quiet, but Barakou is fine the way she is. Barakou thinks that Erisa should stop betraying her friends and have more backbone, but despite this Barakou still finds Erisa to be tolerable.

Fano Nanoko

They only talk in secret because Fano is ashamed of her interest in gaming. Fano tries to get Barakou interested in Osu! but Barakou just isn't buying it. Every so often Barakou and Fano will play multiplayer MMORPGS together with Rie Ueda and Minori Etsuko. Fano hopes to play the video games Barakou will make.

Himari Kita

Himari and Barakou know each other after Minori became friends with Barakou. They don't get along well but tolerate one another for the sake of Minori.

Homura Matsuo

They tend to not notice each other as both of them can be fairly quiet. They usually only get together through mutual friends but every so often Homura goes up and talks to Barakou about novels and cooking in an attempt to open up. Homura isn't particularly interested in the genres Barakou reads and doesn't always cook what Barakou likes, but Homura tries to make it work.

Kotone Hayashi

Barakou's good friend. They met at an amusement park when Kotone and Bakakou were going on the same ride over and over since the ride's line was short. They met again at school since they change near each other, and Kotone initiated a conversation. They go out together on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The two usually chat for a little in the mornings too, but only with small talk. The only reason Barakou and Kotone don't hang out more is that Kotone is usually in the Light Music room or in Classroom 3-1 reading. They get along especially well especially since Kotone is both calmer and introverted compared to Barakou's other relations.

Minori Etsuko

Barakou admires how studious and obedient Minori is, but wishes that Minori would do even more. Barakou can sometimes get annoyed at Minori for not taking action enough. Minori would rather not argue back with Barakou and simply listens. They play video games together along with Fano Nanoko and Rie Ueda.

Rie Nobuko

Barakou and Rie enjoy each other's company, as their personalities are somewhat similar. Rie can get somewhat frustrated when Barakou forgives too easily. Rie sometimes reads some of the books Barakou likes, though Barakou sees that Rie isn't really into most of the cyberpunk genre.

Rie Ueda

Barakou's best friend. They met because Barakou was seated next to them, and Rie noticed Barakou had a Magical Girl Miyuki key chain on her bag. This caused Rie to go on a rant about the game and show, and Rie to sit next to them during lunch to continue said rant. They are great friends, and tend to play video games together when possible. They don't talk much during school though since Rie hangs out with a bunch of preps who are loud compared to Barakou's more quiet nature.

Rosamund Audet

Barakou's good friend. They met since Barakou was paid to help her with Japanese mainly because Barakou already knows English and Rosamund is a Canadian transfer student. They mostly play online games together and rarely interact at school since Rosamund is a delinquent.

Rowan Linwood

Barakou thinks Rowan should be more law-abiding and less light-hearted. Rowan thinks that Barakou needs to stop being so wary of him so that he can finally get to trick the resident stick-in-the-mud with a hand buzzer. Barakou sometimes tries to stop Rowan's pranks herself and only occasionally fails.

Sachiko Nagahimistu

Sachiko and Barakou don't know each other well, but sometimes see each other when Minori brings Barakou along to watch one of Sachiko's plays.

Yutaka Koizumi

Barakou's father. They have a very positive relationship, but have more of a brother-sister relationship than a father-daughter one. Yutaka tends to spoil his daughter, and Barakou views him as a perfect human being.



  • She loves playing video games, and she says that it could be classified as an obsession. Barakou fancies any RPG and Mario Kart.
  • Barakou enjoys programming and works often. She wants to be a game programmer in the (hopefully near) future and make a realistic simulation to help people escape reality.
  • She loves full length novels, usually ones pertaining to the cyberpunk genre.
  • Swimming is enjoyable to Barakou. She can do a breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle. She favors breaststroke the most, however.


  • Her favorite food is grilled cheese.
  • Barakou is averse to most meats.
  • She is not a fan of Mexican food.


  • Her favorite drink is hot chocolate.
  • She favors warm soba over cold.
  • She could go for a nice glass of milk.
  • Barakou tends to drink orange juice for breakfast.
  • She has no taste for warm water, soda, and smoothies.


  • She prefers to hang around the Computer Lab, the swimming pool, the gym, the library, the garden, her home, and most cafes.
  • Her favorite subject is psychology because she wants to see how the human mind works. She hates biology because she finds it to be incredibly disgusting. She sometimes believes she is unable to stand the immature behavior other students have towards the subject.
  • She thinks the sound of thunder is soothing.
  • Barakou's favorite saying is "You reap what you sew."
  • Barakou would rather not discuss weight.



  • Barakou is polysexual with a leaning towards women.
  • Her main fears are closed spaces and cockroaches since her mom would lock her in a closet that contained cockroaches.
  • She doesn't watch TV unless a friend sits her down to.
  • She is a stealth transgender woman, meaning she will try to make it hidden that she is transgender.
  • Her original home was in Iowa, and she travels back to the U.S. from time to time. Even if she regarded Iowa with a bit of distaste, she praises the great landscape.
  • Party Animal
    Cuddly Bear


"Why, do I smell something iron-like? I'll need to ask you some questions!" - when she sees a bloody student.

"What's with the face?" - when she sees a visibly insane student.

"What are you - you monster!" - before she chases a student who just murdered someone.

"Is that student passed out or injured? I can help you bring them to the nurses office since being dragged across the ground can't be pleasant." - when she sees a student dragging a body.

"Oh, are you a musician? I didn't realize." - if she sees a student carry an instrumental case who isn't in the Light Music Club.

"Oh my god is that... I-I..." - when she sees a dead or tranquilized body before she runs off to get a nurse.

"...No... I can't let this go unpunished..." - when she sees a pool of blood.

"Why are you holding that weapon? You could get expelled for that." - when she sees a student holding a suspicious weapon.

"Although I am honoured that you feel that way, I must decline. I simply don't feel the same way." - when someone she doesn't feel affections for confesses to her.

"A-are you speaking the truth? Please give me a minute, I need to process this." - when her crush confesses to her.

"Ah, (name) it is good to see you." - when she sees a friend.

"How thoughtful of you." - when complimented.

"Put that camera down before I confiscate it!" - when seeing panty shots taken.

"Are you sure? It wouldn't be a problem? Because I have one thing I would like help with..." - when asked if she has a task.

"I cannot thank you enough, really. I must thank you in advance, unless you don't do the task. Then I suppose I won't exactly be thanking you, will I?" - when her task is accepted.

"Not a single word in any dictionary can explain how grateful I am. Please, if you need anything do tell me. It would be a honour to help a friend." - when her task is complete.


Kisekae Code


WARNING - This code will replace anything on your Kisekae, so you should add Barakou first then anyone else.

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