Bak Nam-Sun
YS 1
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation Unknown
Club Martial Arts
Age 17
Persona Devoted
Crush Osana Najimi
Additional Info None

Bak Nam-Sun (박남순) is MiyukiAya's First OC of Yandere Simulator


Nam-sun is transferred student in Aakdemi High School. Nam-sun is from Busan, South Korea while him and his parents moved to Japan but when he transferred to this private school, he doesn't really know anyone here, he seen lots of cute girls but they're not really much of his interest.

He didn't make alot of friends in there until one day he saw someone, he saw Osana Najimi. He finally find someone that's his interest but, he knows that she has a crush on a boy called "Senpai" which he is not his rival cause he did not know that Osana-Chan is in love with him. If Senpai accepts her love confessions, them he will find a way to murder/kill him but he knows there's cowards, teacher's pets, social butterflies, and other personality-type people/students in this school. (not just Senpai, anyone else about the love cofession.)

So he's going to be careful if he will commit murder so he a new personality called ... Psychopath.

Bonus: I know that he would been heartbroken if Osana and Senpai (or anyone else) are together but, It won't stop Nam-Sun from loving Osana-Chan.


Bak Nam-Sun has Light brown hair, A similar school uniform with gray pants and boots, sometimes with black Sk8-Hi. His eyes are Orange-Yellow but, in yandere form his eyes turn Red or Dark Red. In his casuals he wears a hoodie (any color), khaki pants or shorts, and black Sk8-Hi shoes, sometimes with boots.


Nam-sun is nice and act normal in school but, in private he's just a bit insane. He's also can be a bit active in school and home and kind of act like a stalker in private. He does sneak around Osana-Chan sometimes and when he feels like it but he has to act normal when he is in public.


Yun Zhong

--Coming Soon--

Vera Armbrüste

- Upcoming Enemy

Kagami Honda

--Coming Soon--

Bakko Österreich

--Coming Soon--

Aika Honda

- Next Rival

Matt Malvagio

--Coming Soon--



  • Nam-Sun is South Korean.
  • The name "Nam-Sun" (남순) is a name that MiyukiAya looked up on Wikipedia while "Bak" (박) Is the surname that MiyukiAya made up .
  • Senpai is not Nam-Sun's rival but, he would try to murder him if he's with Osana (in the romantic way).
  • He's a fan of psychopathic things like yanderes, yangires and stuff
  • Vera will manage to be Nam-Sun's enemy in school
  • He's also a furry fandom lover but not interest in fursuiting.
    • Nam-Sun is likely an Otaku and a K-pop lover.
  • He's in classroom 3-1
  • Nam-Sun can be a Yandere but, he's not Evil/an Antagonist.

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